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Consultation, dispute adjustment system about building of the medium- and high-levels layer

Last update date June 24, 2020

For the prevention of building dispute

When we built building, there was various regulation, but we set the lowest standard from the viewpoint of security, hygiene, fire prevention top, and regulation in basic charts such as Building Standard Act was not mainly aimed for adjustment between neighborhoods in question.
Therefore, when we build high-rise buildings during fate in middle-high-rise building bylaw for the purpose of pushing forward maintenance, the formation of comfortable living environment by security in Yokohama-shi, for the master of building, we install mark in site and impose duty in what inhabitants explain.
Please see to have citizen's refer to when there are plans such as middle-high-rise buildings around oneself and mark is installed and would receive explanation as it is gathered up as livable Yokohama (PDF: 1,225KB) to mend together.

For voluntary solution to building dispute

Explanation and talks of plan

We impose duty to explain summary of the building, dismantling construction plan to neighboring inhabitants in the middle-high-rise building regulations for the master of building. As explanation material is distributed beforehand, it is smooth when we receive explanation after taking a look beforehand.
In addition, we confirm any unclear points and when there is request, we arrange contents and tell the master of building (or substitute person).

Construction agreement

When it is thought that influence of the noise, vibration grows big by scale of construction and the neighboring situation, we conclude construction agreement, and what we decide about compensation for damages when damage such as houses accompanied with the enforcement occurred at traffic time of vehicle for construction in work method and working hour is common.
In addition, ko eraremasudeno attention is necessary for what do not lead to the conclusion when demand contents are too high as the conclusion is not legal obligation.
Reference: Construction agreement (example) (PDF: 425KB)

Expert advice system

About how to see the drawing and legal way of thinking, it is system that can receive advice of expert to promote various places of inhabitants and mutual understanding of the master of building.
Lawyer and authorized architect dispatched by expert group (association of Kanagawa bar association (outside site), Yokohama-shi authorized architect office (outside site)) advise inhabitants. Yokohama-shi bears expense.
Flyer (PDF: 525KB) about expert advice system
System summary (PDF: 136KB)
The system point (PDF: 163KB)

When it did not lead to voluntary solution

Though we performed talks between the master of building, the mayor can perform proposing of dispute adjustment (mediation, mediation) when the solution becomes difficult.
About dispute adjustment system
Flyer (PDF: 288KB) of mediation, mediation


We do not understand construction plan. We want you to instruct from city to change plan.

We decide to do consideration in plan about influence to give to the outskirts in the middle-high-rise building regulations for the master of building, but, as for the compelling force, there are none. We tell the master of building about request from inhabitants from city and, as a result, seek report with talks.

There is not agreement of neighborhood, and can you build?

In the middle-high-rise building regulations, we oblige neighborhood inhabitants to explain construction plan for the master of building and do not demand until agreement. In addition, there is not thing which even Building Standard Act and laws and ordinances about architecture oblige to agreement of neighborhood about building, and building is possible.

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