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Promenade [list] of brook

Last update date February 20, 2019

We push forward charm up of brook to continue protecting brook of the source area as natural environments left for the suburbs in Yokohama-shi, and to have many people know the charm, and to be able to get close to waterside.

Brook amenity
Near riverhead style, we take measures that water does not overflow at place where sceneries of nature are left and are maintenance business that considered harmony with surrounding environment.
The murmuring city park
With, in waterway which is relatively wide in city area, is place that there is not of worry of flood; the murmuring return; live; regenerate, and push forward maintenance of city park.

Promenade, amenity map of Yokohama-shi brook

Aoba Ward

Asahi Ward

Izumi Ward

Isogo Ward

Kanagawa Ward

Kanazawa Ward

Konan Ward

Sakae Ward

Seya Ward

Tsuzuki Ward  

Tsurumi Ward

Totsuka Ward

Hodogaya Ward

Midori Ward

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