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Water, environmental solution hub

Please inflect as place of business matching!

Last update date June 9, 2020

The "water, environmental solution hub city international development strategy base" northern part sewer center

Yokohama-shi was registered as water, environment solution hub city and maintained the northern sewer center as international development strategy base in 2016.
There are the northern second water reproduction center (the sewerage treatment) and northern sludge exploitation of resources center (sludge processing) in the northern sewer center.
We establish route for visit each in facility and establish display corner that commented on processing processes with model and panel clearly.

About inflection (acceptance of visit to facility) of facility

We accept facility visit by overseas engineer and expert in JICA training to contribute to problem solution about the sewer in foreign countries including rising nation by utilization of the sewer technology and business administration know-how that Motoichi has by the Yokohama-shi sewer business. In addition, you can utilize as place for facility, facilities introduction and business introduction to overseas business partner by Yokohama water business meeting member company. Please inflect as place of business matching.
As there are various sewer facilities throughout the city in addition to the northern sewer center, we can introduce facility depending on purpose of visit and contents you like.

It is targeted for acceptance such as visits to facility

About thing meeting any of the following requirements, we accept visits to facility.
(1)Item implementation phase city (Hanoi city Cebu City), agreement city (the Bangkok capital, Cebu City, Da Nang City)
(2)Customer of Yokohama water business meeting member company
(3)International organizations such as JICA, Middle Eastern cooperation center, Asian Development Bank (ADB)
(4)The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, government offices such as Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, other cities
(5)Educational institutions such as universities
(6)In addition, (we judge the need centering on viewpoint whether or not we contribute to international development of the Yokohama sewer individually.)

Application for visits to facility method

You have you confirm the acceptance object mentioned above, and apply for person that visits to facility are hoped for with the following point.
(1)Please inform of content (following four items) to hope for by E-mail. (we list e-mail address in the lower berth.)
 ①The visit date and time
 ②Visit place
 ③Visitor (belonging) and the number of people
 ④Purpose of visit
(2)About the acceptance right or wrong of visit, the person in charge will inform. When you carry out visit, please submit to the following "[style] requests" after filling out required items. In addition, we adjust about the details.

Application, inquiries such as visits
The Yokohama-shi sewer business management section international charge
E-Mail address [email protected]

The acceptance results of visit to facility

With water, environmental solution hub

Environmental solution hub (WES Hub, Water and Environment Solution Hub) is Japanese water, coalition by city to provide technique and policy of environmental infrastructure positively abroad water.
City (Alliance Advanced Agency, AAA) with advanced technique, experience cooperates and sends knowledge of Japan to the world. In AAA (WES Hub registration city), we can experience wide know-how about policy explanation in each local government about water, environment, technique and policy about water, environment including the highest proof experiment site visit.
Yokohama-shi is authorized as AAA and sends technique, policy about water, environment infrastructure abroad.

Diagrammatical view of water, environmental solution hub
Water, environmental solution hub diagrammatical view

Inquiry to this page

The Environmental Planning Bureau sewer plan adjustment subordinate Channel business management section (the sewer international charge)

Telephone: 045-671-3967

Telephone: 045-671-3967

Fax: 045-664-0571

E-Mail address [email protected]

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