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Characteristic of the central part water reproduction center

Last update date March 18, 2019

The murmuring of sweetfish

City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau central part water reproduction(yokohamashikankyosozokyokuchubumizusaisei) in center,The sewerIs it (gesuido)?Role(bake break)tsuDo (ask)Water regime(mizukankyo)shu(mamo) rukotonoImportantIt is sao (important)CitizenOf (it does not soak)All of youTo (all of you)Intellect(do) To have this,Heisei(energy) 4YearFrom (we do not sleep)Processing water(shorisui)The use(riyuu) center which didInnerFor the murmuring of (there is not)Freshwater fishSweetfish which is (tansuigyo)Discharge(horyu) is doing. 6MONOf (gatsu)Environment monthIn (kankyogekkan)Usual(reinen),The wardOf (kunai)Elementary school student(jido)CitizenOf (it does not soak)(person)maneki(imitation) come, and doVisit societyWith (kengakukai)Put together(bubble) se of "sweetfishDischarge type(horyushiki)Line(okona) is.

Discharge of sweetfish

Discharge of sweetfish

Sweetfish which gathers around bait

Origin of nickname(aishonoyurai)

The central part water reproduction(chubumizusaisei) of centerNickname(nickname) "Story that sewer, sweetfish, Yokohama has never metIt becomes (gesuidoayuyokohamahajimetemonogatari).
The central part water reproduction(chubumizusaisei) centerShowaIt is 37 (we carry)YearIt is 4 (we do not sleep)MONIn (gatsu)Motoichi beginningOf (honshisaisho)Sewage disposal plantAs (gesuishorijo)Driving(it turns yes)StartWe do (meet)
Every year(maitoshi) of sweetfishDischarge(horyu)Line(okona) become, and there is sweetfishWater reproduction(mizusaisei) in being centerOrigin(yurai) is doing.

FacilityOf (shisetsu)Use of upper part(joburiyo)

Photograph of use of upper part of facility to water-treat

ShowaIt is 61 (we carry)YearIn (we do not sleep)Enlargement(zosetsu) didProcessing facilityOf (shorishisetsu)The upper part(strong),Exercise facility(undoshisetsu)MasterWe assumed (shu)Small Konan Park(we look after Kominato, and Nami cannot ask)Setting(setchi) is done.
Facility contents(we do and seem to be sad)

  • Multipurpose open space(tamokutekihiroba): 1Mask aboutIt is 3,900 (we bake noodles)
  • Tennis court: 2Mask aboutIt is 1,600 (we bake noodles)
  • Green belt(ryokuchitai):AboutIt is 3,700 (bake)

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Telephone: 045-621-4114

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