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The central part water reproduction center jurisdiction pumping station

Last update date June 9, 2020

The central part water reproduction(chubumizusaisei) centerJurisdiction(shokan) pumpPlace(jo)

YamashitaIt is pump (we let you stop)Place(jo)

Yamashita pumping station appearance photograph

Yamashita ParkOf (Yamashita cannot ask)The east endTo (father sputum)Position(ichi) doParking lotOf (chushajo)BasementIn (chika),Kannai(there is plane),Yamashita districtOf (yamashitachiku)The inundation prevention(shinsuibojo)PurposeWe assume (mokuteki)YamashitaIt is pump (we let you stop)Place(jo)Setting(setchi) is done.

  • Plottage(shikichimenseki) 1,870㎡
  • Plan drainageIt is 117.42 (yes, plan is not crowded)
  • As for every plan drainage ability, it is second(keikakuhaisuinouryokumaibyo) 11.694㎥

YamashitaIt is pump (we let you stop)Place rainwater stagnant water pond(jousuitaisuichi)

Yamashita pumping station rainwater stagnant water place appearance photograph

YamashitaIt is pump (we let you stop)PlaceIn (jo)The adjacency(rinsetsu) do,Road surfaceSuch as (romen)TownOf (town)ImpurityIt is reya ()Filthy waterOne of (not crowded)Part(ichibu)ImplicationIt is nda (blow)ImpurityIt is reno ()The degree(doa) burrHigh(cook) i,ko(fu) riThe beginningIt is meno (ashamed)Rainwater(thin)TemporaryIn (ichijiteki)Storage(chozo) doRainwater stagnant water pondThere is (usuitaisuichi).Retention(choryu) didWED(we do not see)Rain(rain)shi(and) HmmThe backIn (more)Water reproduction(mizusaisei) in centerso(put) ri neatlyProcessing(shori) is doing.

  • Quantity of stagnant waterIt is 5,500 (we suck sea bream Ryo)
  • Plan drainage areaIt is 135.94 (we breathe plan yes noodles cough)

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