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Sea area biota investigation

Last update date July 15, 2020

Investigation summary

At environmental science research institute, we evaluate general water regime commencing with the quality of the water of sea area in the city and investigate creature inhabiting river and the sea in the city for the purpose of having by showing the change of biota, citizen's raise interest in river and sea every about three years from 1973.
In sea area, we investigated the 14th in 2016, 2017.
Fish of bay captured by small bottom seining have many grouper length slime, cardinal fish, co-rice cake Jaco, shiroguchi (white croaker), Limanda yokohamae, and, after investigation start, big change is not seen in tendency that they occupy most of the whole number of the capture. The quality of the water has many seeds which like nature of the mud although we are improved, and it is thought with result that reflected that state that mud deposited in the bottom of the sea continues.

Investigation point

Investigation point is river mouth, shore in the city, ten spots (the 2017 results) of bay.

  • The river mouth, the shore (seven spots)

The mouth of Tsurumi River, Yamashita Park, the mouth of canal river, Marine Park, the Nojima shore, Nojima waterway, the glow of the sunset bridge (Hiragata Bay)

  • Bay (three spots)

The Yokohama Port offing, the Gulf of Negishi offing, the Gulf of Kanazawa offing

Investigation contents

We investigate fish, the shore animal, seaweed, seaweed, plankton, the quality of the water, quality of bottom and carry out the quality of the water evaluation of the sea from creature.
In 2017, we investigated summer twice/one spot in spring.

Example of sea area living thing

Working papers

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