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Survey of Biological Species

Final update date July 15, 2020

Survey Overview

The Institute of Environmental Sciences evaluates the comprehensive water environment, including the water quality of the sea area in the city, and shows the transition of biota, with the aim of increasing the interest of citizens in rivers and the sea. Every three years since 1973, we have been investigating creatures that live in rivers and seas in the city.
In the sea area, the 14th survey was conducted in 2016 and 2017.
Since the start of the survey, the number of fish in the inner bay captured by a small bottom seine has been large, such as hatatate slime, tenjikudai, komochi, shiroguchi (Ishimochi), and makogari. There is no change. Although the water quality has improved, many species prefer mud quality, which is considered to be the result of the fact that mud has accumulated on the sea floor.

Investigation point

The survey points are 10 locations in the city's estuary, coast, and inner bay (results in FY2017).

  • Kawaguchi and coast (7 points)

Tsurumi River Estuary, Yamashita Park, Horiwari River estuary, Sea Park, Nojima Beach, Nojima Waterway, Yushobashi (Hiragata Bay)

  • Uchiwan (three points)

Off Yokohama Port, off Negishi Bay, off Kanazawa Bay

Investigation details

We investigate fish, coastal animals, seaweed and seaweed, plankton, water quality and bottom quality, and evaluate the water quality of the sea from creatures.
In fiscal 2017, we conducted a survey twice a year in spring and summer.

Examples of marine organisms

Survey Report

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