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Last update date January 28, 2020

Investigation summary

We have citizen raise interest in local nature and creature in Yokohama-shi and, for the purpose of acquiring the basics data to contribute to biological diversity maintenance, carry out creature investigation by primary schoolchild in whole city from 2013.

Investigation method

You distribute questionnaire to fifth graders of about 340 city Elementary School, and, about creature which finds in the past one year in near "house and the school" (the school district), and heard cry, you circle, and please submit. For each school, we add up ratio (the following, confirmation rate) that we found target creature and show the pitch of confirmation rate in whole city by the light and shade of color using GIS software based on the information.



As for the details of findings, please see findings report and result summary. In addition, we publish result of distribution investigation that we carried out from 1984 through 1991 targeting at primary and secondary students (three times) in addition.

Findings report

Result summary

Result summary (only in the figure)

Result summary summary

About creature to intend for

We chose things in tendency to thing, naturalized species and decrease considered to index natural environments in the city or increase while considering easy identification. Subjects of survey continue while changing type every year and carry out. Past subjects of survey kind is street of figure.

Table of subjects of survey living thing

Press release material

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