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Survey of Children's Lively Creatures

Final update date March 5, 2021

Survey Overview

In Yokohama City, elementary school students have been conducting creature surveys throughout the city since 2013 with the aim of increasing citizens' interest in local nature and creatures and acquiring basic data that contributes to biodiversity conservation. You.
Here, we publish reports, summary versions, and business introduction videos summarizing the survey results.

Investigation method

Distribute questionnaires to 5th graders at about 340 elementary schools in the city, and circle and submit creatures that have been found or heard in "near home or school" (in the school district) in the past year. You. For each school, the percentage of the target creatures found (hereinafter referred to as the confirmation rate) is tabulated, and based on that information, the height of the confirmation rate in the entire city is shown in shades of color using GIS software.


Survey results

For details of the survey results, see the survey results report and summary of the results. In addition, the results of the distribution survey (3 times) conducted for elementary and junior high school students from 1984 to 1991 are also posted.

Survey Results Report

Summary of Results

Summary of Results (Figure only)

Summary of Results

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Creatures living in Yokohama. What creatures live in?
More than 10,000 elementary school students in Yokohama checked.
Let's enjoy learning about creatures and the environment in Yokohama while watching the results of the survey!

About target creatures

While considering the ease of identification, we selected alien species and those that are likely to be indicators of the natural environment in the city, as well as those that are decreasing or increasing. The survey is conducted every year with different types. The species to be surveyed so far are shown in the figure.

List of Surveyed Organisms

Press release

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