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Roadside disaster prevention measures

Final update date March 30, 2021


Of the slopes facing the road managed by Yokohama City with a height of 2m or more and a slope angle of 30 degrees or more, about 400 places such as places where continuous inspection was required based on the national inspection guidelines are citizens who use the road We promote regular inspections and disaster prevention work to ensure safety and traffic functions.

Classification of road cliffs targeted for business

① Areas where continuous monitoring is required by road disaster prevention inspections and "road disaster prevention charts" are created
② Places listed in the road cliff facility ledger (places where Yokohama City performed countermeasure construction in the past)
③ ①②Other than that, where disaster prevention measures are required for roads (particularly recognized by the road director)


●Conducted a disaster prevention inspection once every five years for all target road cliffs.
●For places where follow-up is required, a visual inspection is conducted once a year by Public Works Office

Priority Implementation Sites

①Emergency transportation routes and bus routes
②Where early measures are needed in the past.
③If left untreated, it may collapse and hinder traffic, and places where early measures are required are required.

Disaster Prevention Measures Construction

About cliff in road area, we install structure to prevent collapse of slope and protect road.
In the case of cliff of private land facing road, it is principle that owner has you take measures, but city carries out measures from viewpoint of protecting road when correspondence is difficult. In that case, the construction contents and the handling of land are determined according to the upper and lower positions of the road.

Handling of road cliffs on private land
①The upper side of the road②the lower side of the road
Construction details: Structures such as temporary protective fences for the purpose of preventing earth and sand from flowing into the road even if the cliff collapses.Construction details: Structures that can prevent slope collapse and protect roads
Land Handling: As a general rule, it is implemented under a free loan agreement. Transfer to road area by donation depending on the situationLand Handling: As a general rule, we receive donation of land and transfer to road area. Implementation of free loan agreements, etc., depending on the situation

Major Disaster Prevention Measures
Block retaining wall Law Framework parent pile horizontal sheet pile (temporary)

Block retaining wall

Law Framework

Oyatake Yokoyaita

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