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[cancellation] Yokohama-shi book-reading activities promotion network forum @ Tozuka

Last update date March 6, 2020

News to all of you that participation was planned

Unfortunately this forum should have been cancellation, but there is news from performer, exhibitor this time.

About "trace 2000-2019 of Ichiro interviews fierce battle" exhibition book club

Shinichi Numata of part of progress of public book club, NPO "Asahi Ward town development pot" representative,
On the day "reading notebook" which he/she wrote that it was going to be talked (the outside site) was released.
Look at both person who already read book and person in the future by all means!

["trace 2000-2019 of Ichiro interviews fierce battle" Shinichi Numata reading notebook] (the outside site)

About cancellation of this event

By infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease, we cancel this event in consideration of health hazards of visitors and performer.
Please understand.

Event summary

  Saturday, February 22, 2020 10:00-16:00 (application before no charge for admission, some important business)
  Totsuka Ward synthesis the third floor of the government building utility room and inhabitant of a ward hall
  Anyone can participate
  Please see flyer (PDF: 1,400KB).

About regional society having you appear

As a result of having raised regional societies appearing on this event, we will have there is application from 3 groups and appear.

Talk; cider (talk by sign language meeting)

It is around 30 minutes in time 11:00-11:45
≪Demonstration contents≫ 
Librarians of Yokohama City Library read in sign language and voice. Anyone can appreciate!
[program contents] ※Change is possible.
・Three bikinoyaginogaragaradon
・Starving green caterpillar
・Vest of mouse

≪Talk; about cider≫

  • Activity start 2,019 years a year
  • The main activity area Yokohama city
  • Main activity place City Library
  • Activity frequency is irregular

nikonikootentousan (story-telling and toy of picture book, picture-story show)

It is around 30 minutes in time 13:00-13:45
≪Demonstration contents≫
It is group which talks in nursery school and library in Totsuka Ward, and goes meeting. We participated in FM event hosted by Tozuka and event of district center for the first time, and it was comfortable age this year at opportunity of challenge. At event, we perform story-telling, gambling of seasonal picture book and picture-story show.


  • Activity start 2,017 years a year
  • Main activity area Totsuka Ward
  • Main activity place City Library, district center, local event, nursery school in Totsuka Ward
  • Once, library bimonthly in the activity frequency nursery school are from four a year to six times

hodogayaekatari - be (we introduce demonstration of picture-story show and episode concerning production)

It is around 30 minutes in time 15:00-15:45
≪Demonstration contents≫
We dig up folktale to reach area and we make original picture-story show and tell inhabitants of a ward. We introduce demonstration of picture-story show and episode concerning production at event.

≪hodogayaekatari - be≫

  • Activity start 2,010 years a year
  • Main activity area Asahi Ward, hodotaniku
  • Main activity place district center, community care plaza, community house, welfare for the elderly facility, local old man society, children's association, summer festival, kids club, day service (elderly day care)
  • An average of 18 times a month of activity frequency

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