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The provisional use of old school facility

Last update date June 5, 2019

List of open facilities

School name Ward Department in charge Phone number Remarks
Old sawtooth oak stand elementary school Hodogaya Ward Regional Promotion Division 045-334-6305 None
Former Wakabadainishi Junior High School

Asahi Ward

Ward Administration Promotion Division 045-954-6026 There is HP (we move in Asahi Ward HP when we click.)
Former Sakonyama Kodaka Elementary School 045-954-6027
Old Matano Elementary School Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division 045-866-8415 There is HP (we move to Totsuka Ward HP when we click.)
Former Shodo Junior High School Sakae Ward Regional Promotion Division 045-894-8393 None
Old butterfly elementary school Izumi Ward Regional Promotion Division 045-800-2395 None

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Telephone: 045-671-3278

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