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Event of Midori Library

Last update date August 1, 2020

In Midori Library, we cancel event for new coronavirus kansenshokaku ⼤ ⽌-proof measures and air conditioner repair construction or reduce and we postpone and carry out. We cause all of ri ⽤ ⼤ strange nuisance, but would appreciate your understanding.

Announcement of event


In addition, about plan holding in Yokohama City Library all the buildings, please see page of event for adults of Yokohama City Library and page of event for children of Yokohama City Library.

Information for iben

Event holds "to library in the summer" in summer for primary and secondary students. (July 1, 2020 update)

Come to Midori Library by all means in the summer. Pleasant book, wonderful book are waiting for everybody.

Book display "yondemiyokonna book"

We display library recommended book and rent to primary schoolchild, junior high students.

  • Period now being held. Until Monday, August 31. But Tuesday, August 11 is closed day.
  • Venue Midori Library child library room

Display of book which is useful for free study "let's try;, as for the study, held freely".

Support "reference tower" of the investigation

Free study, homework of summer vacation, library librarian including reading consultation help with matter for inquiry of primary schoolchild, junior high student everybody. Please feel free to contact.

  • From period Saturday, August 1 to Monday, August 31. But Tuesday, August 11 is closed day.
  • Venue Midori Library consultation counter

"It will be junior and senior high school students volunteer experience librarian" duties experience; hold o. The first reached capacity. (July 15, 2020 update)

Do you not experience rearranging of bookshelf, search for reservation book, bookmaking, work of library including the making of introduction POP of book?

  • The date and time Wednesday, August 5 first from 9:30 a.m. to noon. The second from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. We perform the first and the second by the same contents. The first reached capacity.
  • In target Yokohama-shi junior high student of residence or attendance at school, high school student eight (each four times)
  • Venue Midori Library child library room others
  • Belonging writing utensils, apron, water bottle, book one for introduction POP making, handkerchief
  • Clothes movement breathe, and, after clothes, please come by mask wearing.
  • It is first-come-first-served basis over Midori Library counter or telephone from 9:30 on application Tuesday, July 14

Sponsorship Midori Library, Midori Ward government office Regional Promotion Division
This business is Midori Ward book-reading activities promotion business.

Talk; information of meeting

We talk, and Midori Library holds meeting for air conditioner repair construction in the Midori Ward area child care support base the second floor of ippono training room between our ⾯.
It is Midori Ward area child care support base ippoha, neighborhood facility of Midori Library. About place, please confirm in page (the outside site) of ippono access guidance.
Hold in Midori Library; talk, and meeting becomes age-specific program (product for 1 year old from 0 years old, product for 3 years old from 2 years old, 3 years or older, primary schoolchild).
For more details, of Midori Library talk, and please see page of meeting.

In addition, hold in Yokohama City Library all the buildings; talk, and, about meeting, please see page of event for children of Yokohama City Library.

(do you know?)
We rent the stage of picture-story show which talks, and makes an outstanding performance in meeting. About the use, ask at window of Midori Library. In addition, we do not accept reservation as number is limited.

Image of the picture-story show stage
Photograph of the picture-story show stage

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