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About the handling ward office about postponement, nonpayment for special collection

Last update date February 22, 2019

We appoint the delivery handling ward office by the location of person of special collection duty in Yokohama-shi.
Please refer to the handling ward office for postponement system that is about to be similar for special collection, payment consultation for nonpayment.
※Please refer to ward office listed in the tax payment notification and reminder for postponement system of items of taxation except special collection, payment consultation for nonpayment.

Please see page of "common question about special collection" about procedure for reports accompanied with transfer of employee.

It is person of special collection duty with the location in Yokohama-shi

The top double figures of designated number, please refer to ward office Tax Division (Tax Receipt Section) in (※ 1) row of following tables.
※Designated number is listed in "special collection amount of a tax notification" (for person of special collection duty).

(example) designated number 00-00001 ⇒ Tsurumi Ward government office

The handling ward office table
※1The handling ward officePhone number
(Tax Division Tax Receipt Section)
00Tsurumi Ward government office510-1743
10Kanagawa Ward government office411-7062
20Nishi Ward Office320-8361
30Naka Ward Office224-8229
40Minami Ward government office341-1169
41Konan Ward government office847-8374
50Hodogaya Ward government office334-6270
51Asahi Ward government office954-6071
60Isogo Ward government office750-2372
70Kanazawa Ward government office788-7764
80Kohoku Ward government office540-2291
81Midori Ward government office930-2283
82Aoba Ward government office978-2275
83Tsuzuki Ward   government office948-2285
88Izumi Ward government office800-2375
89Sakae Ward government office894-8370
90Totsuka Ward government office866-8386
91Seya Ward government office367-5675

It is person of special collection duty with the location outside Yokohama-shi

Please contact Finance Bureau tax payment management section regardless of designated number.
Finance Bureau tax payment management charging talk: Page of 671-3764 tax payment management section (Finance Bureau tax payment control center)

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Telephone: 045-671-2255

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