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To person who play sports, and is watched a game of ask (new coronavirus infectious disease connection)

Last update date October 29, 2020

Request to person who plays sports, and is watched a game of

About information about new coronavirus infectious disease

 In the following special page, we place information of related organizations such as news (various support menus, consultation counters, the outbreak situation of positive patient, other information) or Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare from Yokohama-shi about new coronavirus infectious disease.

Request to person who plays sports, and is watched a game of

 We ask arrived all of you for the following cooperation to be safe, and to have you enjoy watching sports comfortably.

 The details, please identify the following page.

Notice poster

 We produce the cause of cooperation of all of the teams of Yokohama sports partners, enlightenment poster and notify at each site in city.

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