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About sports promotion

Last update date October 15, 2020

In sports promotion section, we push forward various measures to plan promotion of sports including support of local sports activity, maintenance, administration of sports facility, holding of sporting event, support of sports affiliate, invitation, holding support such as again large-scale sporting event or meeting, professional sports support of Yokohama from child to elderly person so that all citizens can live a rich life with health through sports.

What's New

April 9, 2020
We updated hometown tax to Yokohama-shi.
August 24, 2020
We updated sporting event schedule in 2020.

Business content of sports promotion section

Sporting event schedule (sports promotion section)

2020 annual sporting event schedule (sports promotion section)
ScheduleBusiness nameVenue

Men's meeting [cancellation]

Yokohama Keio challenger international tennis tournament 2020 (the outside site)
[important news]
"Yokohama Keio challenger international tennis tournament 2020 boy meeting" was canceled by decision on the meeting administration side.

Keio University Hiyoshi campus
Mamushi valley tennis court

※We will update at any time in future if holding of event is decided.

Use of Yokohama-shi citizen facility reservation system

Facility reservation system

We accept application of sports center for groups by facility reservation system (the outside site).

Information (related link) about municipal ownership place

Municipal ownership place portal site

Sports information in Yokohama-shi

Image of Hama sports
Hama sports (the outside site)
Other than search of sports facility, event circle information in Yokohama-shi, it is site that was fully loaded with sports information.

Image of SPORTS Yokohama
SPORTS Yokohama (the outside site)
It is for WEB of information magazine which was fully loaded with various sports information of Yokohama-shi.

Image of Hama sports Navi
Sports related information search (the outside site)
We search event information, sports facility information circle information simply.

Image of facility pickup
Facility pickup (the outside site)
Access simple in main public sports facility in the city!

Yokohama-shi sports volunteer center (the outside site)

It is volunteer offer, site to perform subscribing of sporting event to be carried out in Yokohama-shi.

Yokohama walking point
Yokohama walking point (Health and Social Welfare Bureau) (the outside site)
Target age is extended from June 1, 2016 by people 18 years or older!

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