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About Rugby World Cup 2019™

Last update date June 29, 2020

Rugby World Cup was one of 3 big events along with the Olympics, soccer World Cup of the world, and final, associate final two games, six games of pool round three games in total were held at Japanese meeting in Yokohama in 2019.

Meeting summary

1 holding time: From Friday, September 20, 2019 to Saturday, November 2
  The opening game: Friday, September 20 Tokyo Stadium
  The final: Saturday, November 2 Yokohama International Stadium

2 participation team: 20 teams

Three games format: (1) Pool war 40 games (5 teams X 4 pool, round-robin in pool)
      (2) Final round eight games (the quarterfinals/semifinals/bronze medal match/final)

Four games venue (12 venues)

List of game venues

Holding city

Game holding venue


Sapporo Dome

Iwate, Kamaishi-shi※

Kamaishi Unosumai revival stadium

Saitama, Kumagaya-shi※

Kumagaya rugby ground


Tokyo Stadium

Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi※

Yokohama International Stadium


Small Mt. Kasa-yama General Sports Park ekopasutajiamu

Aichi, Toyota-shi※

Toyoda stadium

Osaka, Higashiosaka-shi※

Hanazono, Higashiosaka-shi rugby ground


Misaki, Kobe-shi Park gridiron

Fukuoka, Fukuoka-shi※

Hirao Park Hakatanomori Stadium

Kumamoto, Kumamoto-shi※

Kumamoto Prefectural General Sports Park athletics field


Oita Sports Park synthesis sports stadium

※This is co-hosted

○Summary of Yokohama International Stadium

  Seat: 72,327 seats
  Field: Natural turf (107m *72m)

Photograph of Yokohama International Stadium

5 features

  • Rugby World Cup ™ first in Asia
  • Rugby World Cup ™ first any place other than the rugby tradition country
  • After rugby (seven system) was adopted by the Olympics item, the first meeting

6 Match Results (only as for the game that we held in Yokohama International Stadium)

Match Results



Game start time



The number of the audience mobilization


September 21




New Zealand vs. South Africa


63,649 people


September 22




Ireland vs. Scotland


63,731 people


October 12




England vs. France

(we cancel because of typhoon)



October 13




Japan vs. Scotland


67,666 people


October 26



The semifinals 1

England vs. New Zealand


68,843 people


October 27



The semifinals 2

Wales vs. South Africa


67,750 people


November 2



The final

England vs. South Africa


70,103 (※)

The total401,742 people

※The number of the audience mobilization of the final records the best in history in Yokohama International Stadium.

Rugby World Cup 2019™ Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi holding cartulary


We sent information about Rugby World Cup 2019 and rugby in Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi in outside site "Yokohama rugby information" from 2017 through 2020 to heap up Rugby World Cup 2019™ in Yokohama-shi. Here, we publish past articles that sent in "Yokohama rugby information" about Rugby World Cup.

1 RWC2019 highlight, highlight
・Rugby World Cup 2019™ highlight - final round ... (PDF: 860KB)
・Rugby World Cup 2019™ highlight - pool war ... (PDF: 886KB)
・Highlight pool A (PDF: 433KB) according to RWC2019™ pool
・Highlight pool B (PDF: 438KB) according to RWC2019™ pool
・Highlight pool C (PDF: 483KB) according to RWC2019™ pool
・Highlight pool D (PDF: 498KB) according to RWC2019™ pool

Representative from each 2 countries
・Representative from Japan "blurring Eve Blossom's" (PDF: 594KB)
・South African representative, Springboks (PDF: 545KB)
・Proudhearted tradition country, English representative (PDF: 534KB)
・Representative from "rugby of soul" Ireland (PDF: 119KB)
・Representative from "Japanese old enemy" Scotland (PDF: 461KB)
・Representative from "champagne rugby" France "les Bleus" (PDF: 605KB)
・New Zealand representative, All Blacks (PDF: 1,428KB)
・Australian representative, Wallabies (PDF: 776KB)

3 fan zones
・Rugby World Cup 2019 report <2> fan zone (PDF: 1,248KB)
・We can enjoy 120_ Rugby World Cup ™! What kind of place is "fan zone?" (PDF: 932KB)
・The RWC2019 start! We sensed public viewing bodily in fan zone in Kanagawa, Yokohama! (PDF: 1,698KB)
・Fan zone is hot! 100_ takes its ease by public viewing; already - activity - (PDF: 1,827KB)
・Fan zone is hot! 100_ takes its ease by public viewing; already - eating and drinking - (PDF: 2,327KB)

4 volunteers
・By Rugby World Cup 2019™ volunteer exchange meeting - IAAF world relay 2019 Yokohama Games ... (PDF: 642KB)
・Rugby World Cup 2019™ volunteer interview 1 (Yoshiyuki Mineta) (PDF: 219KB)
・Rugby World Cup 2019™ volunteer interview 2 (pike) who is Naoko Hattori () (PDF: 167KB)

5 and others
・It is the most rag bione color! We went to ground, Shin-Yokohama of the Rugby World Cup 2019™ final again! (PDF: 1,480KB)
・[Special interview] We entertain scrum unison Misato Tanaka Takumi Murata rugby player and fan with national anthem (PDF: 345KB)
・What kind of place is public viewing? We went for public viewing of representative from Japan v South Africa! (PDF: 743KB)
・Rugby World Cup 2019™ Kanagawa, Yokohama watching games guide (PDF: 2,553KB)
・Rugby World Cup 2019 report <1>, Rugby World Cup 2019 report <1> (PDF: 2,557KB)
・We observe the stadium inside! We participated in World Cup stadium tour! (PDF: 1,209KB)
・Let's look back toward each generation RWC! 2015 England meeting (PDF: 564KB)

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