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Age, population by gender-cho

Final update date April 7, 2021


Age, population by gender - data explanation by town
TitleAge, population by gender-cho
Organization NameYokohama City Hall
creatorPolicy Bureau General Affairs Department Statistics and Information Division
Update frequencyhalf-year
tagPopulation, number of households, statistics
release dateJuly 14, 2014
file size1123KB from 910
Last updateApril 7, 2021
used languageJapanese Language
Supplement 1This file is a population based on the Basic Resident Register.
Supplementary 2The latest version is as of March 31, 2021.
Supplementary 3The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has set codes for prefectures and municipalities nationwide as part of code standardization in order to contribute to the efficiency and smoothness of information processing. ( (external site)
Supplementary 4"X" means that it is confidential.
Supplementary 5Records of "-" in "town name" represent information of administrative district.
Supplementary 6Data before September 30, 2019, "100" in "age" means "100 years or older".
Supplement 7Due to the population and households that are not recorded in any town, the sum of the figures of the administrative district and the figures of the town may not match.


The number of households and population listed in the Basic Resident Register as of the end of each month are tabulated by age according to town / cho (character) and do not match the estimated population.
Each file is in zip format.

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