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Population and Number of Households

Final update date March 6, 2020


Data description of changes in population and number of households 
TitlePopulation and Number of Households
Organization NameYokohama City Hall
creatorPolicy Bureau General Affairs Department Statistics and Information Division
Update frequencyYear-end
tagPopulation, number of households, statistics
release date

March 26, 2019

file size3KB
Last update

March 6, 2020

used languageJapanese Language
Supplement 1This file is the number of households and population as of January 1 of each year.
Supplementary 2The latest version is as of January 1, 2020.
Supplementary 3This file does not include numerical values by age.
Supplementary 4From 1889 to 1919, the number of units based on public ledger surveys was as of the end of December. From 1920 to 1943, according to the "Census" and "Estimated Population Survey (Cabinet Statistics Bureau)" (as of October 1). However, as of September 1, 1923 and December 1, 1943. According to the population survey as of February 22 in 1944, November 1 in 1945, and April 26 in 1946. From 1947 onwards, it is based on a census population, and is based on an "estimated population" (as of January 1), which is calculated by adding and subtracting basic resident register and non-Japanese registration's preliminary figures).


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