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About 2020 budget

Last update date March 25, 2020

As Transportation Bureau budget summary was gathered up in 2020, we announce.
Budget was approved according to original bill in 2020.
2020 Transportation Bureau budget summary

About 2020 budget

More than 1000000 customers a day use Transportation Bureau through service of municipal bus, subway and follow and act for offer of transport service that is safe as "foot of citizen's", and is stable and work on maintenance, enhancement of area traffic and it "is chosen" by customer and aims at means of transportation.
In Transportation Bureau, both bus, subway business achieves the ninth consecutive year of surplus until financial statements all together in 2018 and maintain healthy management until now. However, future business condition including influence of low birthrate and aging and response to deterioration of facility is not the situation that can be optimistic.
In such a severe management environment, we fix "maintenance of safe service" in the center of business some other time as traffic company and strengthen approach to prevent accident. After that, by providing high transportation service of quality that customer demands, municipal management traffic to reach the 100th anniversary in April, 2021 is trusted while maintaining stable management of independence independence to continue being "foot of citizen's" for next 100 years and is loved and aims at chosen means of transportation.

By car business, we do 101 million yen, current profit and loss with surplus of 38 million yen by operating profit and loss, and the general condition of the budget for both business includes 7.382 billion yen, current profit and loss as surplus of 7.307 billion yen by operating profit and loss with it is high-speed railway business.

As for the details, please see ⇒ "2020 Transportation Bureau budget summary".

As for the business plan, please see page of ⇒ "2020 Transportation Bureau budget business plan".

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