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About 31, Heisei fiscal budget

Last update date March 22, 2019

As Transportation Bureau budget summary was gathered up in 2019, we announce.

31, Heisei fiscal budget was approved according to original bill.

2019 Transportation Bureau budget summary

About 31, Heisei fiscal budget

Transportation Bureau provides transportation service to about 1 million customers a day while both bus, subway business achieving the eighth consecutive year of surplus in the financial statements by past management reform all together in 2017, and maintaining management of independence independence.
However, it is in a situation that future ride charges income cannot expect large growth by progress of rapid low birthrate and aging, and correspondence to fuel procurement cost that the future is opaque and approach to safety improvement become problem. In addition, a large amount of investment is necessary for response to deterioration of facility, facilities, and management environment surrounding municipal traffic adds to strictness.
It follows citizen's all of you while maintaining healthy management in such situation to continue providing transportation service that "is comfortable security surely" at higher standard and will push forward environment maintenance that you are easy to use to customer.

By car business, we do 170 million yen, current profit and loss with surplus of 155 million yen by operating profit and loss, and the general condition of the budget for both business includes 7.745 billion yen, current profit and loss as surplus of 7.912 billion yen by operating profit and loss with it is high-speed railway business.

As for the details, please see ⇒ "2019 Transportation Bureau budget summary".

As for the business plan, please see page of ⇒ "2019 Transportation Bureau budget business plan".

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