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About 29, Heisei fiscal budget

Last update date March 19, 2019

As Transportation Bureau budget summary was gathered up in 2017, we announce.
29, Heisei fiscal budget was approved according to original bill.
2017 Transportation Bureau budget summary

About 29, Heisei fiscal budget

Because 29 fiscal budgets are the third year of "municipal traffic medium-term management plan" (2015-2018), we touch reliable route for accomplishment of 2018 and are how many years. We accelerate approach for the achievement of management target while inspecting progress of medium-term management plan.

By car business, we do deficit, current profit and loss of 188 million yen with surplus of 201 million yen by operating profit and loss, and the general condition of the budget for both business includes 8.394 billion yen, current profit and loss as surplus of 9.066 billion yen by operating profit and loss with it is high-speed railway business.

As for the details, please see ⇒ "2017 Transportation Bureau budget summary".

As for the business plan, please see page of ⇒ "2017 Transportation Bureau budget business plan".

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