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We carry out traffic social experiment in Totsuka Station West Exit!

Some sections of ... station square become parking and stopping prohibition (daylong)! ...

Last update date January 20, 2020

Press release material

January 20, 2020

Totsuka Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division

Toichiro Yonemitsu

Phone number 045-866-8320

Fax: 045-862-3054

On road around Totsuka Station West Exit, road of the station square is congested by temporary stops of courtesy car at the time of rush of morning, evening, and follower vehicle protrudes to the opposite lane to exceed stop vehicle, and the dangerous situation occurs.
We plan utilization promotion of the getting on and off place where we can take to and from safely to dissolve such situation and carry out social experiment by to do some sections of the station square for parking and stopping prohibition (daylong), do flow of traffic smoothly.

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Totsuka Ward General Affairs Department Ward Administration Promotion Division

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Telephone: 045-866-8326

Fax: 045-862-3054

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