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[the end] About traffic social experiment in Totsuka Station West Exit

On road around Totsuka Station West Exit, road of the station square is congested by temporary stops of courtesy car at the time of rush of morning, evening, and follower vehicle protrudes to the opposite lane to exceed stop vehicle, and the dangerous situation occurs.                                     We planned utilization promotion of the getting on and off place where we could take to and from safely to dissolve such situation and carried out social experiment by to do some sections of the station square for parking and stopping prohibition (daylong), did flow of traffic smoothly.                                                     Based on inspection results of this experiment, we cope about countermeasures such as traffic regulation around the future station or security of parking and stopping place in cooperation with related organizations such as the police.                                                                                                       [ask]                                                                       Neighboring roads of Totsuka Station are usually crowded very much. You use public transport as much as possible after one of social experiment, and, in the case of pickup and drop-off, the use of "second bus center" and ward synthesis the first floor of the government building "second open land to be used for improving the traffic system" that are general car getting on and off place, please sequentially.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Last update date March 16, 2020

[summary of social experiment]

Implementation period

  From February 24, 2020 (Monday, holiday) noon to the midday of Sunday, March 1

Regulation section (cf. following image)

  ・A part of city street Tozuka Route 519
  ・City street Tozuka Route 520

Conduct contents

  ・Parking and stopping in some sections of the Totsuka Station West Exit station square is prohibited in (daylong)
  ・Utilization promotion of general car platform (the second open land to be used for improving the traffic system on the second bus center and Totsuka Ward synthesis the first floor of the government building)
  ・It is set up the temporary getting on and off place for exclusive use of pick-up bus by road in front of the second bus center and ward office
  ・Investigation into neighboring traffic for effect inspection and questionary survey to person from next town

Image of social experiment

Image of traffic social experiment

Around Totsuka Station district wants to continue living; wait, and rise; about making

"Around Totsuka Station district wanted to continue living we waited and rose and carried out this social experiment for one of approach to aim at "adequacy of the public car for traffic facilitation around the station" which we placed as countermeasure for problem solution in the plan (February, 2019) made".
"Around Totsuka Station district wants to continue living we wait and rise, and, about plan (February, 2019) made", please see this.

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