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This page is page for exclusive use of Yokohama e questionnaire member.

Last update date July 3, 2020

With Yokohama e questionnaire
 You recruit members targeting at people living in the city 15 years or older, and please cooperate with questionnaire about municipal administration on the Internet. We send municipal administration information to member in e-mail magazine.

List of questionnaires

Questionnaire that we are carrying out now
 Title of questionnaireImplementation period

The fifth

Questionnaire (the outside site) about securing of house at the time of disasterFrom Friday, July 3, 2020 to the midday of Friday, July 17

Purpose, purpose

 We perform prior examination to promote house measures at the time of large-scale disaster occurrence steadily based on "Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan" in Yokohama-shi.
As future house measures, it is assumed like correspondence at the time of past large-scale disaster that we provide temporary housing as temporary house for household which lost home.
 By grasping assumed action and intention of citizen's beforehand, do how you choose temporary house when you have you image when "large-scale disaster with a seismic intensity of 7 occurs in whole Yokohama-shi by any chance" by this questionnaire and home suffers by disaster and cannot live with future examination materials.

[reference] Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan "earthquake disaster measures"
※"Part 4 disaster restoration, reconstruction contracts" → "Stability, restoration of Chapter 1 civic life" → House measures at the time of disaster are listed in "(P338 - 341) such as securing of house of Section 2 survivors and tinker".


 Image character "kyasubippi" of Yokohama-shi building environment consideration system (CASBEE Yokohama) presents printed "wooden round fan" using thinnings of hinoki toward 30 people from person who had you answer by lot.
※If you like, please choose "we hope" by "present" of answer form. In addition, we exchange announcement of elected candidate with shipment.

Present photograph

It is the utilization situation as a result of questionnaire

Change of member privilege, registration information

  1. By the presentation of member registration document, entrance rate is discounted in some facilities. (The presentation method (PDF: 185KB) of member privilege and registration document
    ※As a general rule, about use of citizen facilities whom Motoichi has jurisdiction over from purpose to carry out extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease thoroughly, it is closing now. For details, please confirm page about closing such as the citizen's use facilities for new coronavirus infectious disease measures.
  2. When member is registering person, and change (Address and e-mail address) of registration information is already hoped for, please contact to the following e-mail address.
  • Address:[email protected]
  • Title Change of Yokohama e questionnaire registration information
  • The text: Please let know after having listed registered name, Address, Phone number, either higher than two items of e-mail address.

Other information

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