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Public announcement and offer of information

Last update date July 10, 2020

Based on "the regulations about exhibition of information that Yokohama-shi holds", it enforces "summary about public announcement and offer of aggressive information of Yokohama-shi" from April 10, 2003 to promote municipal administration based on mutual trust with citizen in Yokohama-shi and, about information about municipal administration, performs public announcement of correct, plain information and offer positively.

This summary achieves accountability for citizen by we announce positively and providing information about municipal administration in policymaking process and promotes citizen participation in policymaking process of city and is doing that we plan realization of municipal administration by collaboration with citizen with basic principles.

※List of each material is data as of June 30, 2020. In addition, name of the jurisdiction station and jurisdiction section is name at the time of offer, public announcement of information.

Public announcement of information

"Public announcement (summary Article 4 about public announcement and offer of aggressive information of Yokohama-shi) of information" means that we oblige to public announcement of information about municipal administration, and target information is as follows.
In addition, we can read materials in citizen's information center and department in charge.

  • And, as for important basic plan, guideline of long term project or other cities of city, it is development schedule about these plans (Yokohama-shi basics plan, Middle policy plan)…List of materials (PDF: 325KB)
  • Information ... about establishment of regulations or other systems to obligate citizen widely, and to limit right or reorganizationList of materials (PDF: 207KB)

Offer of information

About information about municipal administration except information to set of each Article 4 issue, we perform "offer of information" positively (summary Article 6 about public announcement and offer of aggressive information of Yokohama-shi).

In addition, come with list of materials after checking storage area when you read materials.

In addition, we publish information that city holds by place that law or the regulations determine in each department in charge.

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