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Summary of overseas development support

Last update date February 28, 2019

Introduction of overseas development support measure

We utilize experience of the making of city that Yokohama-shi has and overseas city network and work on the formation of citizen cooperation business with one of companies about infrastructure and environment.
Depending on progress, stage of your business, please participate in approach of Y-PORT business.

Holding of place of talks between the people concerned in 1 Yokohama-shi

Yokohama-shi and information exchange between the people concerned including private enterprise, country and public institution hold event in Yokohama-shi as place exchanging opinions to promote overseas development of company to city infrastructure business at rising nations through approach of Y-PORT business.
We form network with the person concerned and look forward to your participation for entry point to Y-PORT business again

Establishment of consultation, suggestion windows such as business plans from all of 2 companies

We establish international technical cooperation, window to accept various consultation, suggestion about overseas development. Consultation, suggestion of all of you having concrete item, please use this.

The Y-PORT front desk

We introduce business enforcing 3 and other activity results

We introduce item which Y-PORT business supported here until now. Please see for reference of future overseas development.

Introduction of business, the results carrying out

Utilizing 4 mailing lists disseminate information

We deliver Y-PORT business including event information to hold mainly for companies about international technical cooperation by citizen cooperation of Yokohama-shi-related news irregularly.

Y-PORT mailing list registration

5 newsletters

It is irregular and issues newsletter to tell about past Y-PORT business-related activities.

Y-PORT newsletter

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Telephone: 045-671-4393

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