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Cooperation investigation with JICA

Last update date February 8, 2019

2.Main cooperation investigation with JICA (overseas development support of company)

(1) Grass-roots technical cooperation business

Grass-roots technical cooperation business
NoThe conduct yearInvestigation nameSummary
12017 ...

Ability development program (phase 2) about the sewer business administration in country Hanoi, Vietnam City (the outside site)

By developing ability for sewer business administration of Hanoi City, the sewer business is managed adequately and effectively and we perform technical cooperation so that living environment of Hanoi citizen improves and support the field business development of member of Yokohama water business meeting company.
22016 ...
Horizontal development ~ (the outside site) of classification promotion experimental project ~ Yokohama G30/3R dream of refuse of home originWe choose model district to cope with quantity of garbage and lack of refuse landfill to increase rapidly and, by garbage separation by citizen, support reduction of quantity of garbage and effective collection, construction of the transportation system. Furthermore, with dispatching the city company with know-how of collection transportation and recycling technology of refuse in the field as lecturer, we promote foreign countries business development by the city company.
32014 ...
Community disaster prevention promotion business phase 2~ Yokohama initiative ~ (the outside site) in Republic of the Philippines Iloilo CityWe strengthen disaster of the whole city vs. stress through the system establishment of crisis management room of city, correspondence to the disaster weak, support of disaster training program conduct in local university based on contents of 1 for phase when we improved disaster at the time of flood occurrence in community vs. stress.
42013 ...
Ability development program (the outside site) about the sewer business administration in country Hanoi, Vietnam CityThrough improvement of ability for sewer business administration of Hanoi City, we contribute to improvement of water regime and realization of low-carbon society, resources circulation society. In addition, we support local business development of Yokohama water business meeting member company.
52013 ...
Country "safe water" supply project (the outside site) by private technique of Yokohama in VietnamWe do Hue water supply-saving public corporation which reached Water Works Bureau and the technical cooperation tenth anniversary in 2013 with object engine and, with member of Yokohama water business meeting company to have superior technique, support problem solution of water supply business in the Vietnam country southern part and contribute to supply of safe water

※At March, 2018

<< reference: grass-roots technical cooperation business except the above >>

1. Know-how move - (the outside site) to town development project - "city planning of Yokohama" rising nation utilized history, nature in Seve lamp rye city
In some areas of the Seve lamp rye city bukimatajan district old city ground, it is contribution for model-like town development utilized local history and nature using know-how of city planning of Yokohama.

2. Wildlife maintenance business in Uganda (2014-2016) (the outside site)
In cooperation with association of Midori, Yokohama-shi managing municipal zoo, we carry out breeding animal reproduction and health care, technical cooperation about the spread enlightenment activity for Ugandan wildlife Education Center which is the only zoo in the Republic of Uganda.

3. kammurishiromuku protection business Phase4 (2013-2014) (the outside site)
We cooperate with the wild return activity of kammurishiromuku in Indonesia from 2004. We start the fourth sitting (phase 4: in the 2013-2014 year) for the full-scale wild return in August, 2013.

4. Community disaster prevention promotion business in Republic of the Philippines Iloilo City (2012-2014) (the outside site)
When disaster happened, for (at the time of flood in particular), we raise awareness of inhabitants so that community copes with disaster by self support, community support and we plan improvement of disaster prevention of community and strengthen disaster adjustability of the whole Iloilo City, and eventually.

5. Water supply business management improvement plan (2003-2005)
Among Vietnamese country Hue water supply-saving public corporation and Ho Chi Minh City Channel public corporation, we carry out the current situation investigation and advice about the water supply business whole. We investigate problem from technique, desk work both sides and, in reference to example, approach that Yokohama-shi experienced in the past, perform exchange of opinions for problem solution and discussion and bring up the staff whom there is management improvement of water supply business through them.

(2) Development support such as master plans

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