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The advance support results from foreign countries

Last update date November 24, 2020

Among foreign companies which advanced to Yokohama directly from foreign countries, Motoichi publishes company which performed support of advance.

No.Company namesNationalityBusiness content

Advance time



Lotus Development Corporation Japan (PDF: 295KB) (the outside site)

VietnamSoftware development, IT service for Japan2020.4 month

Bee nest ability source Japan Giken (PDF: 307KB) (the outside site)

ChinaWe manufacture and sell research and development such as lithium ion battery-related products2020.3 month

Mechanix Wear LLC (the Japanese branch) (PDF: 300KB) (the outside site)

The United StatesDevelopment and production, sale of high performance glove2020.6 month

Newin Japan (PDF: 595KB) (the outside site)

KoreaThe employee training and design, development, maintenance of software concerned with education contents online education system for the school spots and administration2020.9 month
No.Company namesNationalityBusiness content

Advance time



segurajapan (PDF: 780KB) (the outside site)

FranceTransportation equipment, design, engineering of energy-related apparatus or other industrial products, prior art development2019.4 month

Polaris Japan (the outside site) (the outside site) (the outside site)

The United StatesIndian motorcycle, snowmobile, timbasureddo product and parts accompanying, import of apparel, wholesale sale, related business, offer of service2019.4 month

Mini-Circuits Japan (PDF: 457KB) (the outside site)

The United StatesProduction, sale of semiconductor and electronic parts for radio, communication2019.8 month

A B dynamics combination company (the outside site)

The U.K.Offer of unification examination system to the auto industry of the whole world and support service2019.9 month

CIMSOURCE Japan (PDF: 719KB) (the outside site)

GermanyDevelopment of platform (software) connecting maker and user of precision tool and hisage2019.9 month

Actia Japan (PDF: 699KB) (the outside site)

FranceDesign, production of vehicle communication network apparatus (electronic architecture (ECU), telematics (TCU), diagnostics (diagnosis)) for large car for two uses such as car, truck for riding and bus, operational support2019.9 month

nichihonkakakerikabushikikaisha (the outside site)

ChinaInner exterior, the body, optical component-related development, design, marketing about car /EV car

2019.10 month


Vector builder Japan combination company (PDF: 719KB) (the outside site)

The United StatesTrust sale of molecular biology study material (gene vectors)2019.10 month

Agrati Japan combination company (PDF: 672KB) (the outside site)

ItalyOffer of production, sale of motor parts (bolt, nut, precedent development grade) and technical service consulting service about product2019.10 month

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