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Business environment of Yokohama

Last update date August 31, 2020

Access to huge market and high access to home and abroad

Yokohama-shi is superior in railroad, road, air route and all access. Let alone adjacent big city, Tokyo, we are connected directly with major cities, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka in Japan by Shinkansen. The Tomei Expressway, grid including the Metropolitan expressway are maintained, too. Access to Haneda Airport is good, too, and access to home and abroad is easy.

Accumulation of the auto industry and R & D

Manufacturing and IT including the auto industry, life science industry accumulate Yokohama. Furthermore, R & D bases of global company gather. In addition, it is town which many people visit by international conference and sightseeing from home and abroad.

Abundant human resources

Yokohama-shi propels academic city, and many excellent human resources are produced. Public research organization and support organization to research and development is located, too, and collaborative investigation by industry, academia and government cooperation is carried out lively. There is environment where is most suitable for expert technical occupation worker living in the city in research and development of extremely a lot of companies.

Living environment which is easy to live

Yokohama has different words and culture and environment that is going to live together. We take toward local representative of foreign company and the family and are easy to live and can guarantee QOL (Quality Of Life) of employee. Yokohama always enters high rank in domestic town ranking that wants to live in city that is popular for Japanese. We have beautiful cityscape, rich nature, convenience, education, medical care. Eating and drinking, shopping, sightseeing are enriched, too, and off time can spend time happily, too.

Platform of networking and proof experiment by companies

It is approach of Yokohama where company, person through platform of open innovation leads to. Yokohama-shi runs platform of two open innovation.

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