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Instruction inspection of social welfare corporation, facility and the authorization procedure for corporation

(thing concerned with administration of child welfare institution)

Last update date May 15, 2019

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In Yokohama-shi, it is aimed for security of appropriate administration of social welfare corporation, facility, area model childcare business and carries out instruction inspection based on relations laws and ordinances, notice and teaches necessary advice about the administration whole.
Here, corporation, facility plans appropriate administration by oneself and releases "information about instruction inspection" so that, moreover, citizen's can choose the welfare service in peace.

As for various procedures such as articles of association changes for social welfare corporation which Yokohama-shi has jurisdiction over, each station (when "we perform only business in conjunction with child welfare" → as for Child and Youth Bureau, other case Audit and Inspection Division of Health and Social Welfare Bureau) of relations becomes window.
Here, we inform about "various procedures to be related to social welfare corporation" that we included establishment procedure in.

In case when public corporations "acquired land, building for the purpose of offering for one of nursery school to install, and to run of self", it may be said that it is tax-free based on the registration and license tax method about "the acquisition registration of right" of land, building concerned.
When we are going to receive tax exemption measures of the registration and license tax concerned, proof by (when → real estate is located in Yokohama-shi The Mayor of Yokohama) such as prefectural governors having jurisdiction over the location of target real estate is required.

We guide summary, guide about inspection and contract procedure when social welfare corporation receives assistance from Yokohama-shi and provides equipment and maintains.

We publish the present situation report of social welfare corporation which Child and Youth Bureau has jurisdiction over and financial statements.

We publish materials of briefing session that we carried out for social welfare corporation, facility.

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