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General adjustment to affect use of land

Use of Yokohama-shi land general adjustment meeting

Last update date June 22, 2020

With use of land general adjustment meeting

When use of large-scale land is accomplished, we not a little affect the area, and unexpected problem may be sometimes born.
Adjustment unifies cut open and dried, various opinions about plan generally at meeting "use of land synthesis adjustment meeting" in agency at initial stage before plan of company realizes to prevent these in Yokohama-shi, and to plan general and effective promotion made with city and advises company in basic policies about use of land of necessary Yokohama-shi in drawing up development plan.

Notice Request for consideration, response to elementary school student rapid increase accompanied with construction such as apartments

When apartment for large-scale families is built, there is concern about influence such as change of school district occurring by lack of child-care facility and lack of classroom of elementary and junior high school depending on area.
When you perform apartment business, please plan in reference to the following information.

About maintenance of child-care facility (Child and Youth Bureau)
Ask all of the companies planning apartment construction (flyer); (PDF: 610KB)
I would like maintenance such as child-care facilities in connection with large-scale apartment development!

About possibility such as school district of elementary and junior high school, elementary school student, the number of students (Board of Education Secretariat)
About prior consultation that school district and apartment equal sets housing construction require

Summary of meeting

Topic for discussion

  1. Thing about general adjustment of important land utility plan
  2. Thing about basic policy of use of land
  3. Thing about important city planning
  4. Thing about matter necessary for appropriate instruction of use of other land

Meeting schedule

Once a month holding (plan)

About procedure

  • (separate table) When they may perform business (important land utility plan) that general adjustment of use of land needs, as a general rule, company submits use of land consultation book to Yokohama-shi within six months before procedure based on land transaction ago or each laws and ordinances (※).
  • Yokohama-shi performs advice about use of land based on use of land policy of necessary city and the neighboring use situation for company in drawing up development plan.

(depending on consultation contents, we may perform adjustment with the ground incarnation about Motoichi measure.)
(※) Regulations about adjustment of Yokohama-shi development projects, living environment maintenance regulations as for the middle-high-rise buildings, we develop and admit bylaw about residential land development permission, permission of management such as planning permission, building certification, Yokohama-shi graveyard in designated urbanization areas

About use of land general adjustment meeting (PDF: 231KB)
Use of land consultation book (the first style) (word: 9KB)
Use of Yokohama-shi land synthesis adjustment meeting summary (the April 1, 2020 enforcement) (PDF: 137KB)

(separate table) Business that general adjustment of use of land needs
ClassificationUse, act classificationScale classification
Area designated for urbanizationThe industrial restricted zoneApartment house

Site area 0.5 hectares or more or
The plan number of houses
More than 100 houses: Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward, Nishi Ward, Kohoku Ward, Totsuka Ward
More than 200 houses: Other wards

Pro-industry facility ※1Site area 3 hectares or more
Of others
Land utility plan
Site area 0.5 hectares or more
Other than pro-industry restricted zoneApartment houseThe plan number of houses
More than 100 houses: Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward, Nishi Ward, Kohoku Ward, Totsuka Ward
More than 200 houses: Other wards
Other than apartment houseSite area 3 hectares or more
Controlled urbanization zoneWe perform use of land switchSite area 0.3 hectares or more
Locations of city waste disposal and treatment facility or disposal placesAll
It is the whole area regardless of the aboveIn addition, thing that general adjustment is necessary for use of land switch

※1 industry system facility refers to factory, research institute, office.

Consultation way of writing type

Documents submission method

I would like cooperation of submission of documents by "mail" for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread for the time being.
At first, I would like consultation with telephone beforehand.


〒231-0005 6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi the 24th floor of the city hall
City of Yokohama, Housing and Architecture Bureau Planning Division
Telephone: 045-671-3655
FAX: 045-664-7707
※Please contact beforehand on the next agency.

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Telephone: 045-671-3655

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