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List of middle-high-rise building regulations submission book styles

Last update date June 24, 2020

About style and the number of copies of mark about the middle-high-rise building regulations and submission book (PDF: 92KB)

List of styles
No.Procedure nameStyleMention example
1Mark (announcement of construction plan)

The first style (Article 5 Paragraph 1)
Downloading (word: 20KB)
Downloading (PDF: 71KB)

Downloading (PDF: 429KB)
2Mark (announcement of dismantling construction plan)

2 (Article 5 Paragraph 2) of the first style
Downloading (word: 20KB)
Downloading (PDF: 64KB)

Downloading (PDF: 423KB)

Explanation (construction plan) to neighborhood inhabitants

[attachment to construction plan explanation material]
To inhabitants
(procedure flow figure) downloading (PDF: 985KB)

Explanation (the dismantling construction plan) to neighborhood inhabitants

[attachment to the dismantling construction plan explanation material]
We download to inhabitants (PDF: 614KB)
5Explanation to neighborhood inhabitants

[reference materials]
Sentences in plan such as scheduled visit date
Downloading (word: 46KB)
Downloading (PDF: 425KB)


Mark setting notice (the construction plan, dismantling construction plan)

No. 2 style (Article 9)
Downloading (word: 23KB)
Downloading (PDF: 85KB)

Downloading (PDF: 463KB)


Reports such as neighborhood explanation

No. 3 style (Article 11)
Downloading (word: 24KB)
Downloading (PDF: 92KB)
The third aspect
Downloading (Excel: 13KB)

Downloading (PDF: 323KB)

Reports (book that other mayors admit that they are necessary) such as neighborhood explanation

[table 7]
The discussion situation list with associated station
Downloading (word: 27KB)
Downloading (PDF: 189KB)

Downloading (PDF: 662KB)
9Notification of change

No. 5 style (Article 14 Paragraph 1)
Downloading (word: 24KB)
Downloading (PDF: 60KB)

10As for neighborhood explanation, it is report dictation lower notice mark setting notice
Report of building cancellation

No. 6 style (Article 15 Paragraph 1)
Downloading (word: 23KB)
Downloading (PDF: 56KB)

11Cancellation signboard

No. 7 style (Article 15 Paragraph 2)
Downloading (word: 27KB)
Downloading (PDF: 56KB)


Dispute adjustment monkey appearance book
(we offer mediation book)

No. 8 style (Article 16)
Downloading (word: 23KB)
Downloading (PDF: 8KB)

13Mediation monkey appearance book

No. 11 style (Article 19)
Downloading (word: 23KB)
Downloading (PDF: 8KB)

14Report of representative choice

No. 18 style (Article 24 Paragraph 3)
Downloading (word: 34KB)
Downloading (PDF: 8KB)

15Mediation start acceptance advice
Answer book to correspond to this

No. 14 style' Article 21 Paragraph 2)
Downloading (word: 23KB)
Downloading (PDF: 7KB)

16Arbitration proposal acceptance advice
Answer book to correspond to this

No. 16 style (Article 22 Paragraph 2)
Downloading (word: 23KB)
Downloading (PDF: 7KB)

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