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Reinforcement of cliff measures mainly on existing retaining wall

Last update date June 15, 2020

Retaining wall (yoheki) is earth-retaining wall to establish to prevent the earth and sand from collapsing in residential land or graded land with difference in elevation

In Yokohama-shi with many graded lands, about 70% of city limits is appointed in residential land development construction regulation area, and it is necessary for residential land development to make retaining wall based on the regulation method depending on difference in elevation

In where land with retaining wall is owned, safe state always has a duty to do maintenance after the construction of retaining wall

In addition, person examining the purchase of land with retaining wall will confirm safety of existing retaining wall
We will understand that adaptations of retaining wall are necessary in some cases

Story (PDF: 562KB) of retaining wall
Timing of type, improvement method and maintenance, improvement of owner responsibility, retaining wall
About evacuation information for point, consultation counter of check (as for the inquiry, please see this)

About grant of cliff place, retaining wall improvement, please see page of building Disaster Prevention Section.

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