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Basic way of thinking of site

Last update date October 1, 2020

About domain name (URL) that Yokohama-shi disseminates information of

In Yokohama-shi, we use official domain name ("" or "") of Yokohama-shi for disseminating information using the Internet.
Of these, we call our website ( displayed in the next URL "Yokohama-shi website" and call other websites "Yokohama-shi subsite".

Example of official domain name of Yokohama-shi

In addition, other than these, there is Yokohama-shi related site providing service of cities such as facilities.

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About renewal of Yokohama-shi website

We renewed Yokohama-shi website totally on March 26, 2019.
By review of menu of website, URL of all pages changes.
Sorry for your inconvenience, but browser having you enroll in favorite and bookmark, please change registration.

Rule of link publication

When they link to our site, URLs are as follows. Report to Yokohama-shi is unnecessary.
In addition, as for the details, please see link standard of Yokohama-shi Internet information tray dispatch guidelines detailed rules 2 WEB page.

Way of thinking of copyright

As a general rule, Yokohama-shi owns copyright of our site. It is works which protection of Copyright Act is for, and sentence, each information such as photograph, illustration placing and each page become a target of copyright as editing works about the whole of our site.
We cannot do reproduction, conversion without permission unless it was recognized in Copyright Act including reproduction and quotation for private use.
When we hope for quotation, conversion, reproduction more than accepted ranges in Copyright Act, please consult with reference listed in each page lower part directly.

When it is specified as the second available data in page

Creative Commons license is written in each page, and there are data that the second available thing is specified.
Consider that Yokohama-shi consented to user beforehand, and change these data; and in post in charge contact can use without confirming.
With creative Commons license (the outside site)


Yokohama-shi places information about accuracy of information to list in our site with extreme caution, but does not guarantee accuracy of this information and integrity.
Yokohama-shi does not take any responsibility about all acts that user performs using information of our site.
In addition, about site of third party linking in from our site or our site, we do not take any responsibility.
We change contents without notice or may delete our site, but thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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