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Please be careful about false sites of Yokohama-shi website

Last update date May 15, 2020

False site that pretended to be Yokohama-shi website is confirmed now.
You cannot confirm attacks that abused false site, but please be careful in future as attack snatching away personal information illegally using the false site concerned and the damage may occur.
When you use Yokohama-shi website, please confirm address (URL) displayed by address column of browser by all means. Addresses (URL) of Yokohama-shi website are as follows.

Address (URL) of Yokohama-shi website

Confirmation method of address column of browser

Please confirm that address (URL) of Yokohama-shi website ( is displayed by address column of browser of the use.
Depending on browser and smartphone of the use, it is https://www. in addresses (URL) But, it is omitted, and we may be displayed.

About official domain name using in Yokohama-shi

With domain, we are "Address" in the Internet.
In Yokohama-shi, we use official domain name ("" or "") of Yokohama-shi for disseminating information using the Internet.

At the time of the website use is careful

At present, Yokohama-shi website cannot confirm fact tampered with illegally, but please well confirm domain name by seeing with address column putting pointer in link in the use by all means.
In addition, it is Japanese domain names, and domain name end letter of Yokohama-shi website is ".jp", but please confirm address (URL) of genuine site by different methods such as searches when there is the end letter of country not to usually get used to, and it seems with doubt. When you are suspicious, you access easily, and you click link or image of the page concerned, and please never do.

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