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Origin, summary of Tsuzuki Ward  

Last update date June 22, 2020

Origin of "Tsuzuki (follow) ward"

The northwest whole area of Yokohama was called "Tsuzuki county" from the Nara era to 1939.
For name of "Tsuzuki,"
①We value the venerable place name taking root in local person widely for the future.
②"chiku (old) ku at the capital" where town development in the future is new for the historic place name having been continued since the Nara era
Meaning called this is put.

Summary of Tsuzuki Ward  

On November 6, 1994, new ward "Tsuzuki Ward  " was born by the division of Kohoku Ward, Midori Ward.

Most of people who lived ran agriculture, but advance of factory to the Tsurumi River coast began in the 30, Showa generation, and people a large number of as work place came to go once. In addition, development of Kohoku new subdivision was pushed forward, and maintenance such as green environment or road maintained premeditatedly, the familiar community public interest facility which kept nature alive advanced from 1965.

Population increases by about 100,000 from ward birth to date and it is just that more than 210000 now and grows up. It becomes population composition mainly on child care generation and becomes ward having lowest average age in Yokohama-shi. New community was created among people who moved with people who lived, and various activities came to be always developed.

People going to visit from outside of a ward increase to enjoy shopping in large commercial facilities on holiday. In this way, live in relation with area, work, come, it is characteristic of Tsuzuki Ward   that there is diversity when interchange.

In addition, Kohoku new subdivision where use of premeditated land is accomplished occupies about half of area, and it is mainly used as house and commercial facilities, and park, city park or preservation green tract of land are maintained premeditatedly. In the northwestern part with district for exclusive use of agriculture founded at part of new subdivision plan of ward and early deep water riverside, ward middle southern district, controlled urbanization zone along the Tsurumi River, farmland and forest place is left. In addition, one of the best industrial districts spread out in the city along the Tsurumi River.

Population and the number of the households of Tsuzuki Ward  

About information such as the number of latest population, households of Tsuzuki Ward  , please see Yokohama-shi statistics information portal.

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