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Kamoike Park child log house

Last update date January 18, 2019

3-2, Edahigashi, TEL: 942-1569
Nickname: kamoike land

Summary of facility

Establishment day: July 16, 1994
Closed days: Third Monday, New Year holidays
The use time: From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Facility contents

House where we were able to make in combination log into

  • Active space with playground equipment
  • Quiet section where there is reading
  • Space where there is work
  • The back of the hut where there are hide-and-seek and tag, maze under the ground

Playground equipment facility

Spiral slide, the net up, upbound stick, space cube,
Child elevator, speaking tube

The use eligible people

As a general rule, it is primary and secondary student, infant having attendance person


・The occupation of group is impossible.
・There is only parking lot for person with a disability.


・"Ikeda" gets off by municipal bus, Tokyu bus from "Eda Station"
・Is municipal bus than "Nakamachidai Station"; "Ikeda" drop off walk two minutes
・From "Centerminami" station a 20-minute walk
・From "Centerminami" station municipal bus "Mikage Bridge" drop off walk seven minutes

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