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We introduce Seyamaru family!

Last update date April 1, 2020

... which family of close Seyamaru lives in in ... Seya Ward faintly well

Of family of scops owl (friend of owl) living in forest of Seya,
Seyamaru family,

  • Naturally comfortable oldness and Seya Ward which are easy to live
  • Seya Ward which tender close family lives in

It is symbol of this.

Meet Seyamaru family!

Introduction of Seyamaru family

Boy of scops owl characterized by big eyes like love.
Place where was born on big forest of Seya.
We are full of curiosity and are naughty, but yearn for family very much.
We like strolling in the Seya Ward.

Younger sister of Seyamaru which is cute in people of steady.
We always go for brothers good friend with Seyamaru.

In seyamarutokonohanohoka, Seyamaru family,
There are father, mother, grandfather, grandmother.

Seyamaru family
Father, mother, grandmother, grandfather

Process that Seyamaru became mascot character of Seya Ward

<as for the form of Seya Ward scops owl>
Seya Ward resembles scops owl of friend of owl in the form, and, to Tokaido Shinkansen which we just likened to perch, scops owl is seen in stopping figure.

The name of <"Seyamaru?">
"Seyamaru" was named based on nickname offer from inhabitants of a ward in 2002.
Seyamaru family colonizes as character got close to inhabitant of a ward widely afterward.
We appear at publicity work of business of ward office or various events inside and outside the ward and play an active part.

As memory of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system in March, 2020 in front of ward office the first floor of the government building entrance,
Figure in bronze of Seyamaru was installed. Love all!

What kind of chicken is scops owl?

In family of owl which is the smallest in Japan, it is 20cm in total length. It is smaller than gray starling.
We eat Insecta flying in the air.
We live in Hokkaido, the forest with big tree of mountainous district of Honshu.
In the breeding season, run at the daybreak from midnight, and with "Pau so" (the Buddha, Buddhist dharma and bonze)
Hear; call, and work as person.

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