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Sakae engineering works office Administration Section

Last update date October 15, 2018

Administration Section Tel: 045-895-1411 Fax: 045-895-1421

  • Private use permission of road, waterway, the sewer
  • Thing about way waterway border
  • Thing about the private road maintenance furtherance
  • Imminent park ※Private use, act, setting, management in this

※Imminent park: It is relatively small park in neighborhood to live. (park classification "block park" "neighborhood park" "district Park")
In addition, there is few park with jurisdiction of engineering works office, too. (greenery office (tel in southern Kanai Park:: 045-831-8484))

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Sakae Ward Sakae engineering works office

Telephone: 045-895-1411

Telephone: 045-895-1411

Fax: 045-895-1421

E-Mail address [email protected]>

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