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Sakae Ward community development canvas

Because who want to begin various places and activity working on in Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, various groups, NPO or volunteer group and member of administrative occupation push forward problem solution and charm up of town by collaboration, Sakae Ward community development canvas is continuation course that we think together and learn. In addition, we aim at it being friend of community development after course by deepening learning while various participants cooperate, and interchanging

Last update date February 25, 2020

[important] To all of the 2019 students (February 25)

It is Sakae Ward community development canvas fourth scheme that we planned today on (February 25), but will see off holding for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease.
I will inform about future correspondence individually.
I am sorry that it becomes news just before holding, but would appreciate your understanding.

2019 ※Application closed.

... which gets hint of the making of making of place to stay - friend going to one step
You fix your eyes on three years later, and do you not learn the making of friend and flexible organizing together?

  • Schedule

    <the first scheme> Let's arrange now of the making of place to stay on 1/28 Tuesday  

    <the second scheme> Until concerned made - cooperation, collaboration with 2/5 Wednesday area

    <the third scheme> The making of friend to push forward activity on 2/18 Tuesday 

    <the fourth scheme> For step of making of 2/25 Tuesday place to stay - next

  • Place <the first scheme> tatchirando (Sakae public hall) 1 meeting room    <second ... 4 scheme> Prosper; inhabitant of a ward activity center "puratto Sakae"

  • Representative from lecturer Tamotsu Saito Konandai town cafe representative/Yokohama community cafe network

  • Expense tuition for free
  • 20 capacity
  • Which wants to begin target salon and person who wants to launch place to stay, anything running now
  • Application period Wednesday, November 20 - Wednesday, January 8



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