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Greenhouse gas discharge that is exhausted with refuse disposal

Last update date September 10, 2020

Calculation result of greenhouse gas discharge in 2019

Greenhouse gas discharge exhausted with refuse disposal by cooperation of all of citizen, the companies became 260,000 tons, and it was reduction of 22,000 tons (7.8%) for (2009) in the standard year.

Greenhouse gas discharge that is exhausted with refuse disposal

Greenhouse gas discharge (unit: ten thousand ton - CO2) that is exhausted with refuse disposal
The year Greenhouse gas discharge Standard year difference



(▲ 7.8%)


(the standard year)


※() Inner number shows the ratio with 2009 (the standard year).
※As "a discharge electricity coefficient" using for calculation of greenhouse gas largely fluctuates, we revise using discharge coefficient of the standard year (2009) from 2013.
※Calculation of greenhouse gas discharge increases reduction effect by waste-generated electricity to thing by destruction by fire of garbage and thing by facility administration such as office, factory and run of vehicle.

Past data

●About aim, way of thinking, effect of greenhouse gas discharge in "Yokohama 3R dream plan"

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