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[Yokohama-shi call center] About ⾜ degree investigation of visitor

Last update date January 26, 2021

About conduct of ⾜ degree investigation of Yokohama-shi call center visitor (February, 2020)

In "Yokohama-shi call center", we measure ⾜ degree of all of city ⺠ for administration of call center and reception of operator and do live ⽤ for duties improvement.
As we carry out ⾜ degree investigation of visitor this time in following ⽇ hodo, kyo ⼒ of city ⺠, please.

Investigation period

From Tuesday, February 9, 2021 to the beginning of March


Customer whom we had you ask Yokohama-shi call center (045-664-2525), ward office main phone number and the city hall main phone number, and answer concluded in call center

Investigation method

We call back from call center and ask customer who can cooperate with customer satisfaction investigation about seven.


There is no burden of telephone bill of customer.
Phone number which we heard from customer does not do shi ⽤ other than this purpose and cancels as soon as investigation is finished.

About result of ⾜ degree investigation of Yokohama-shi call center visitor

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