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Last update date October 25, 2019

 We revised Yokohama-shi global warming measure implementation plan in October, 2018 to plan further reinforcement of warming measures (easing measure, adaptation plan), energy measure of Motoichi based on development of world tide after Paris agreement, SDGs adoption and global warming measure plan, adaptation plan of country, influence of climate change in Yokohama-shi.
 By this plan, we do realization of greenhouse gas substance discharge zero (decarbonization) until 2050 with figure (goal) which warming measures of Motoichi aim at based on world tides after Paris agreement adoption. In addition, 30% reduction (each 2013 ratio) reduces total discharge of greenhouse gas exhausted as aim from Yokohama city limits at the short middle by 22%, 2030 by 2020 and copes with influence by climate change and promotes "the adaptation measures" to minimize damage, and to evade.
 In addition, we place this plan as "local climate change adaptation plan" based on "local public entity implementation plan" (area measure) based on "law about promotion of global warming measure" Article 21 Paragraph 3 and "climate change adaptation method" Article 12.

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