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Yokohama SDGs Design Center (the local government SDGs experimental project)

Last update date August 11, 2020


Oneself is the middle supporting group working on problem solution by cooperation with the main constituent which is various toward creation of Yokohama model "big city model" that Yokohama SDGs Design Center aims at realization of "SDGs city of the future, Yokohama" and plans integrated solution to social problem environment, economy, too.
■News (please see the next material in detail)
August 11, 2020 Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd./Mitsui Outlet Park and cooperation start! We participate in "Save the Ocean" which Mitsui Fudosan pushes forward project (PDF: 545KB)
We start new way of working short time telework of “ job house proximity “ utilizing ICT in the city company on January 14 (PDF: 1,461KB)
... Wakabadai, Asahi-ku on-demand bus third proof experiment starts for realization of ... gusset which "wants to continue living" which "we want to live" on December 24 (PDF: 581KB)
Yokohama SDGs Design Center short time telework first proof experiment was finished on December 9! (PDF: 1,172KB)
About conduct of hearing for construction of the November 19 Yokohama model SDGs financial system (PDF: 418KB)
・About reinforcement of November 5 Yokohama SDGs Design Center coordinates function (PDF: 554KB)
We build facility, function and cooperation - SDGs partnership network inside and outside the city for achievement of - SDGs on August 2 (PDF: 1,012KB)
・Yokohama SDGs bodily sensation month one after another held event to learn SDGs on July 5, and to enjoy is start! Offer ... (PDF: 388KB) occasional as for the ... participation event
・We hold ... second Yokohama SDGs Design Center partnership forum for realization of - SDGs city of the future, Yokohama on August 1 and 2 on June 25! (PDF: 486KB)
・June 19 first in Japan! Announcement of marine educational program "underwater classroom" to link classroom to the sea by live image holding (PDF: 438KB)
・The second proof experiment start (PDF: 489KB) that improved ... Wakabadai, Asahi-ku on-demand bus convenience for realization of ... gusset which "wanted to continue living" which "we want to live" on June 17
・Yokohama SDGs idea Expo - innovation recruits suggestion from ... all of you challenging SDGs on June 7! (PDF: 391KB)

■Partners of approach
・Project partner
Through pilot projects, we push forward approach in partnership toward realization of SDGs city of the future, Yokohama with all of various companies, groups. (List of project partners (PDF: 547KB)
・SDGs partnership network
Toward the achievement of SDGs, we push forward construction of network to connect Homo sapiens thing thing to in cooperation with facility and function inside and outside the city. (Figure of network (PDF: 530KB)

■YokohamaSDGs(esudijizu), about Design Center, please see the following pages in detail
Yokohama SDGs Design Center web site (the outside site)

■YokohamaSDGs(esudijizu), about the choice of partner of Design Center, please see the following pages in detail
About recruitment of partners <was finished>

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