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Yokohama urban traffic plan

Last update date March 14, 2019

About development of new Yokohama urban traffic plan

We promoted approach that cooperated with the person concerned still more by showing directionality of policy objective and measure in Motoichi over overall transport policy and devised Yokohama urban traffic plan as thing which aimed at realization of sustainable traffic from every side in Yokohama in March, 2008.

We revised to plan that stood on new social request while doing act plan with basics because outbreak of the arrival and the Great East Japan Earthquake of super-aged society, increase of visit to Japan foreigner, social conditions including progress of ICT technology changed while nearly ten years passed after the plan development, and transport policy basic plan of country was devised, and environment that surrounded Motoichi transport policy greatly changed.

Yokohama urban traffic plan [October, 2018 (Heisei 30)] downloading

Collective downloading

Summary version

About examination process of plan revision

We pushed forward revision work as follows while performing exchange of opinions or information sharing in "Yokohama-shi transport policy promotion meeting" to be comprised of administrations such as people of learning and experience, citizen, company, traffic company, country for promotion of Motoichi transport policy, and asking about opinion from "plan revision sectional meeting" (chairperson: Fumihiko Nakamura Yokohama National University Director, vice president) that was one of the sectional meetings.

Process of plan development
The date Contents
July 8, 2016 The first plan revision sectional meeting
December 19, 2016 The second plan revision sectional meeting
August 25, 2017 The third plan revision sectional meeting
November 21, 2017 The fourth plan revision sectional meeting
January 24, 2018 The fifth plan revision sectional meeting
May 30, 2018 We publish revision draft (PDF: 5,354KB)
From June 4, 2018 to July 6 We carry out public comment (civic opinion offer) (PDF: 1,819KB) about revision draft
August 1, 2018 The sixth plan revision sectional meeting
September 25, 2018 We announce conduct result (PDF: 845KB) of public comment
October 1, 2018 We announce revision original bill (PDF: 7,957KB)
October 30, 2018 We publish new Yokohama urban traffic plan

[reference] About old plan

We examined Yokohama urban traffic plan while arguing in well-informed person Exploratory Committee from 2005 to two years, and having opinion from citizen by public comment and devised "Yokohama urban traffic plan" in March, 2008.

Purpose of 1 plan development

Environment surrounding the arrival of progress and population decline society of low birthrate and aging, traffic of Yokohama including surge of consciousness to the issue of global environment greatly changes. We showed aim for overall transport policy to support change of such times and transportation needs which diversified appropriately and communalized aim between the people concerned who promoted transport policy of Motoichi and devised plan for the purpose of promoting traffic measure effectively.

2 examination process

Examination process
Time Contents
July, 2005 New transport policy Exploratory Committee setting of Yokohama
Discussion in committee
April, 2006 "New transport policy" interim report
Discussion in committee, civic discussion meeting, symposium
March, 2007 "Proposal to new transport policy of Yokohama" report
Making of plan draft on the basis of proposal
January, 2008 "Yokohama urban traffic plan draft" public announcement, public comment conduct

Draft correction on the basis of count, opinion of public comment
March, 2008 "Yokohama urban traffic plan" development, public announcement

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