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Common question and answer (municipal bicycle parking lot)

We place common question and answer about the use to municipal bicycle parking lot.

Last update date January 23, 2020

Is municipal bicycle parking lot available to anyone?

If it is personal person, anyone is available as far as there is space (corporation contract does not accept).
But as bicycle place for home cannot use. In addition, we may have you refrain from the use toward the short distance (distance from house to station about less than 1km).

There was not the use application for continuation procedure within offer period of the periodical use. What should I do?

Please apply again within offer period of use for fixed period after the next moon because it is past offer period and cannot go through the procedure.
It is from 20⽇ of ⽉ before ⽉ becoming ri ⽤ to the end of ⽉ during offer period of teikiri ⽤ (except ⽇ day, celebration ⽇ and transfer rest ⽇, year-end and New Year (12/29-1/3)).
In addition, last ⽇ of offer period of teikiri ⽤, in the case of New Year holidays (12/29-1/3), ⾏ soaks application ⼿ continuance until the next day on Sundays and holidays and the holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday.

Do municipal bicycle parking lots include person with a disability discount?

Rearranging fee is exempted person (if it is users such as bicycles, driving, ride does not matter.) having certificate of the physically disabled, notebook (nursing notebook) of love, mental patient health welfare notebook from.
In the case of the use, please show certificate of the physically disabled, notebook (nursing notebook) of love, mental patient health welfare notebook in administration office. In addition, rearranging fee is exempted person that social security, Chinese residual Japanese receives support payment from only for driver (when you have any questions about procedure, please refer to each bicycle parking lot to use).
Page of bicycle parking lot

Where can you confirm the use situation of each bicycle parking lot?

About the space situation and the filling a vacancy registration number of people, please confirm in administration office of each bicycle parking lot. Page of bicycle parking lot

When should member of rearranging pay rate of the use to administration office at the time of absence at one time?

We attach "deferred payment bill" as soon as member of rearranging confirms when we take advantage of early morning or the middle of the night in time when member of rearranging of bicycle parking lot does not work. You have this "deferred payment bill" in time (6:30-20:00) that member of rearranging needs, and please pay rate. In addition, please pay later when on the day you cannot pay. You have you buy the use ticket at bicycle parking lot setting up ticket vendor, and you are attached to bicycle, and please use.
In addition, for Sundays and holidays and holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday, New Year holidays (12/29-1/3), it is available free. Please park in appointed division.


Inquiry about administration of municipal ⾃ change ⾞ stationed-in-⾞ ground of crane ⾒ ward, Kanagawa Ward, ⻄ ward, Naka Ward, ho ⼟ ke ⾕ ward, Asahi Ward, ⼾ mound ward, Izumi Ward, Sakae Ward, the shallows ⾕ ward

  • Association of Yokohama-shi road safety

Inquiry about Minami Ward, Konan Ward, beach ⼦ ward, ⾦ swamp ward, Kohoku Ward, Midori Ward, ⻘ leaf ward, administration of municipal ⾃ change ⾞ stationed-in-⾞ ground of Tsuzuki Ward  

Please refer to the company mentioned above for the use and administration of each municipal management bicycle parking lot.

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