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Southern water reproduction center

Last update date October 5, 2020


Southern water reproduction center is water reproduction center in Isogo Ward (sewage disposal plant).

The southern sewer center and southern sludge exploitation of resources center are another facility in Kanazawa Ward.

When you send coming verge and mail, please be careful.

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Environmental Planning Bureau sewer character        Southern water reproduction center character

kabanodaichan                 borappi            

  • Southern water reproduction center is doing a part of most of the Minami Ward, half, Konan Ward, Naka Ward, Nishi Ward of Isogo Ward and Hodogaya Ward with processing ward.
  • We started driving as the second water reproduction center (sewage disposal plant) in Yokohama-shi in July, 1965 (Showa 40).
  • Jurisdiction facility includes large rainwater drainage facility (all generations, Yoshino, each Isogo second pumping station) and rainwater drainage, filthy water broadcast pumping station (Isogo pumping station), and, by distant place monitoring control unit with optical cable laid in sewage pipe, driving watches.
  • Other than the above, there is small pump facility (other pumping stations, other pump facilities) managing in southern water reproduction center.
  • It comprises rainwater stagnant water pond as preventive measures against contamination load in Isogo second pumping station site at rainy weather.
Southern water reproduction center summary


Plan processing area2,119ha
Plan processing population335,600 people
Plan processing capacity194,200m3/day
Sludge processingWe do oshiso to southern sludge exploitation of resources center and handle

  • Fishing at sea facility is established to of the neighboring shore walls located at the good environment among the seas in the neighborhood, and citizen's, southern water reproduction center provides oasis.
  • We accept (take consideration into human waste, septic tank sludge) such as human wastes from resources circulation public corporation (Isogo probate place) in southern water reproduction center. We mix human wastes with sludge and are doing oshiso to southern sludge exploitation of resources center.
  • A part of the processing water treated in southern water reproduction center processes sand filtration and uses as lavation in our center, Isogo pumping station and next resources circulation public corporation Isogo probate place.

Characteristic of southern water reproduction center is this

About pumping station of southern water reproduction center jurisdiction

Isogo pumping station

Isogo pumping station

Pumping station summary 


Plan drainage area2,112ha
Plan drainage ability42.2m3/s
StartupJuly, 1965

Forever pumping station

Forever pumping station

Pumping station summary
Plan drainage area241ha
Plan drainage ability17.1m3/s
StartupOctober, 1987

Yoshino pumping station

Yoshino pumping station

Pumping station summary
Plan drainage area258.3ha
Plan drainage ability16.7m3/s
StartupJune, 1989

Isogo second pumping station

Isogo second pumping station

Pumping station summary 
Plan drainage area173.7ha
Plan drainage ability25.33m3/s
StartupMarch, 2000

Access map (PDF: 65KB)

When he/she comes in public transport

①You appear than JR Isogo Station East Exit (exit on the sea side), and please take Yokohama municipal bus 85 system "southern part water reproduction center line".

Isogo Station wicket

Slope in front of bus stop

Bus stop and photograph of bus

Link (Yokohama municipal bus): (the outside site)

②Terminal of Yokohama municipal bus 85 system "southern part water reproduction center line" is the southern water reproduction center.
 Southern water reproduction center and bus stop

When he/she comes by car (course from Yahatabashi intersection) ※Please refrain from entry of general vehicles to the yard except the person concerned.

①We go ahead through Route 16 from Yahatabashi intersection to Yokosuka, the Kanazawa area (the Isogo Station area).

Yahatabashi intersection

②We turn left at the intersection before Isogo police department . 

In front of Isogo police department

③We go straight one with signal (intersection with industrial road) and pass through underpass of Keihin Tohoku Negishi Line and go straight to at intersection of Shinisogocho. 

T-shaped road with industrial road

Shinisogocho intersection

④It arrives at southern water reproduction center if we go straight on at intersection of Shinisogocho when 3km goes to way. 

It is before fishing at sea facility acceptance

※The neighborhood of rotary of the yard road is one way. In addition, we protect mark and signal, and drive at reduced speed, please in the yard as there is part of ministry of one side each other traffic.

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The southern part of Environmental Planning Bureau sewer Facilities Department water reproduction center

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Telephone: 045-761-5251

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