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The northern second water reproduction center

Last update date October 10, 2019

The management Main Building front

Scenery of bus stop and center

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It is event information about the northern second water reproduction center.

Event nameThe dateDetailsRemarks

The northern sewer center bus visit society

From Saturday, November 9, 2019 10:00 to 16:30 (rain or shine)

Visit of the northern sewer center (the northern second water reproduction center) and Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center
・Meeting place: In front of Tsurumi Station East Exit Bank of Yokohama
・Dissolution place: Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi

Poster (PDF: 905KB)

In the northern second water reproduction center, we accept visit of citizen's all of you at any time. Please call at the following time.

From Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00 (but except holiday and year-end and New Year (from December 29 to January 3))

Telephone: 045-503-0201
FAX: 045-503-0132
Email: [email protected]

After having made a reservation on the telephone, please submit the following applications.

Facility visit application (word: 24KB)

In addition, please submit the following applications when you wish to offer samples in experiment.

Experiment samples offer application (word: 25KB)

The northern second water reproduction center is located on the east side of the mouth of Tsurumi River.

Washing with water operates southeastern side (the Tokyo Bay side) of JR Tokaido Line of Tsurumi Ward for the purpose of promotion of becoming, the inundation measures and the quality of the water maintenance of the community area of the sea as processing ward from 1984 (Showa 59) and operates mainly without holiday for 24 hours.

Facilities summary
Each itemData
Plan processing area721.2ha
Plan processing population113,000 people
Plan processing capacity190,600m3/day (existence 182,350m3/day)
High-quality processing capacity116,500m3/day
High processing capacity46,100m3/day
Sludge processingWe do oshiso to northern sludge exploitation of resources center and handle

Facility brochure

Facility brochure (PDF: 701KB)

  • We operate high disposal of nitrogen and phosphorus facility that raised the removal performance to improve the quality of the water of Tokyo Bay.
  • Adjacent northern part sludge exploitation of resources center and electricity to occur in Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Tsurumi factory use in our water reproduction center, and reuse the sewerage treatment water for driving and cleaning of machine in these offices and water reproduction centers, and plan utilization of resources.
  • We handle drainage accompanied with sludge disposal of adjacent northern part sludge exploitation of resources center.
  • We offer the sewerage treatment water to sprinkling use or trivial routine duties water as shortage of water measures.
  • We raise carps with the sewerage treatment water.
  • We establish environmental conservation forest due to about 17,000 evergreens including kusu artubus white oak and we locate flower bed again and work on tree planting measures.

Scenery of waterwheel

Maintenance forest scenery with waterwheel

Scenery of maintenance forest

Scenery 2 of maintenance forest

Tsurumi pumping station

Tsurumi pumping station summary
Pumping station whole viewEach itemData
Tsurumi pumping station whole viewPlottage3,330m2
Plan drainage area310ha
Plan drainage ability12.3m3/s
StartupJune, 1972

Shiota pumping station

Shiota pumping station
Pumping station whole viewEach itemData
Shiota pumping station whole viewPlottage4,660m2
Plan drainage area178ha
Plan drainage ability7.6m3/s
StartupAugust, 1955

Market pumping station

Market pumping station
Pumping station whole viewEach itemData
Market pumping station whole viewPlottage6,910m2
Plan drainage area104ha
Plan drainage ability6.6m3/s
StartupJuly, 1959

To see map (the outside site); (is together, and link to inhabitant of a ward life map)

Address: 〒 230-0045 1-6-8, Suehirocho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi

When he/she is in from Tsurumi Station East Exit

Tsurumi Station Yokohama East Exit Bus Terminal eighth Paul(image: 123KB)

Tsurumi Station Yokohama East Exit Bus Terminal eighth Paul
Going to harborside bus crane 08 system fureyu
The nearest "in front of TOKYO GAS" bus stop is 8 stop eyes, about 15 minutes.

Bus stop point in front of TOKYO GAS(image: 37KB)

There is the front gate when we get off at "in front of TOKYO GAS" bus stop.
The second floor of building on the right side of the front gate is office.

When he/she is in by car

Bentencho intersection(image: 23KB)

We turn right at "Bentencho" of Tsurumi industrial road intersection (from the Yokohama area)

Railroad crossing in front of AGC Keihin factory(image: 25KB)

We turn right at railroad crossing this side

In front of Ono-machi bus stop(image: 28KB)

We turn left at the end

Railroad crossing in front of the fureyu street(image: 12KB)

Through Ono-machi railroad crossing, it is the left side of about 1,000 meters ahead.

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The northern part of Environmental Planning Bureau sewer Facilities Department sewer center

Telephone: 045-503-0201

Telephone: 045-503-0201

Fax: 045-503-0132

E-Mail address [email protected]

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