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Research of the atmosphere, water regime

Last update date July 30, 2020


Asbestos is generic name of fiber form silicic acid salt mineral to produce naturally. It is said that there are the use forms more than 3,000 kinds such as construction material, electric appliance, car, household goods because it is heat-resistant and is superior in characteristics such as medicine-resistant characteristics, tensile strength, wear resistance, the insulation characteristics. However, it is not prepared by problems such as carcinogenicity now in the country.
We carry out asbestos concentration investigation from 2006 to grasp the actual situation of asbestos concentration in the atmosphere environment in city limits in Yokohama-shi.
Environmental standard that country sets is not to asbestos in the atmosphere environment, but, according to environmental health Kurai terrier of WHO, asbestos levels in the public environment of world urban area are listed saying "health risk is low if it is 1 - around 10/liter and is this degree so as not to be able to detect". We think that it is not level to ring in problem because it is all less in past findings of Yokohama-shi.


In late years marine pollution with microplastic becomes international problem. Microplastic names 5 mm or less plastic generally, and, moreover, river and marine water are found in the body of sea life.
We investigate at the coasts from 2017 to grasp the microactual situation in environment in the city of plastic in Yokohama-shi. We announce at environmental science research institute report, presentation, event about findings. In addition, about marine pollution with microplastic plastic garbage, we perform dispatch lecture/off site lecture among elementary schools.

Acid rain

Sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide drained from factory or car become sulfuric acid and nitric acid in response to moisture in the atmosphere with acid rain, and this is rain which melts in the rain, and became acid. Generally, we point to "rain which is with pH 5.6 or less of" and show that the acidity is strong so that this number is small.
At our research institute, we began investigation about acid rain in 1979. We carry out long-term monitoring of acid rain in Ebisucho, Kanagawa-ku from Takigashira, Isogo-ku, 2015 in the 1984-2014 year and measure pH and electric conductivity (EC,μS/cm) every rain.
After around September, 2000, drop that pH of rainfall is sudden was seen, but, for recent tendency, it is thought that this was taken in the same year while smoke acidity gas ingredients precipitate under the influence of eruption of Miyakejima volcano which occurred.
In addition, heavy rain of acidity is seen intermittently afterwards, but tends to gradually recover about pH.

Harmful air pollution material

"Harmful air pollution material" is low concentration, but says material which might spoil a person's health by long-term revelation.
The concrete material name was not stated clearly about harmful air pollution material, but 248 materials were shown as "material which might correspond to harmful air pollution material". In addition, among these 248 materials, 23 materials that it was thought that health risk was high to some extent were chosen as "approach material given priority".
Our research institute and environmental monitoring center carry out investigation about 23 priority approach materials in Yokohama-shi and are investigating harm air pollution materials in environment once a month in five city at our research institute now.

Water pollution

We analyze exhausted drainage from factory, business ground into public waters and regulation standard set in waste water regulations of Water Pollution Control Law and the regulations of Yokohama-shi is observed or confirms. When the quality of the water accidents such as cloudiness, the coloration, oil spill, fish kill are discovered in the public waters, based on request from water, the soil Environment Division, we analyze various quality of the water for caused investigation. In addition, we measure based on water quality measurement plan of Kanagawa about groundwater and we do not exceed guideline level about pesticides of golf course either or confirm.
When the quality of the water accident was discovered, please call until water, the soil Environment Division quality of the water charge (TEL: 045-671-4244).

Chemical substance environment fact-finding

A great variety of chemical substances are used, but there are a lot of materials which might have a bad influence on human being and ecosystem depending on way of production, use and the disposal now. In Ministry of the Environment of promotion, environmental pollution of safety management of chemical substance prevent, and, for grasp of the residual situation, carry out chemical substance environment field survey every year in cooperation with the local governments of the whole country from 1974. At our research institute, we cooperate with this national investigation and research the quality of the water, quality of bottom, living thing, atmospheric chemical substance.


Dioxin is kind of organic compound including chlorine (Cl) and is material generated as by-product or impurities non-intentionally in process to produce time and chemical substances which burnt material including chlorine. Because even very small amount is high in the toxicity for people, environmental standard is set, and discharge reduction measures are carried out.
Density out of the whole city atmosphere environment and river decreases now, and it meets environmental standard.

Radioactive material

By environmental radioactivity measuring equipment (germanium semiconductor detector), we inspect sewage sludge destruction by fire ash, seawater, Mike Rothe pot sludge to wipe out civic anxiety for influence of radioactive material by The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

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