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Eco-; shall go for a drive?

Last update date March 5, 2019

What is ecodrive?

Ecodrive is driving method in consideration for environment including enforcement of sudden acceleration and idling stop that does not suddenly accelerate.
There is environment improvement effect such as controlling exhausted exhaust gas from carbon dioxide and car considered to be cause of global warming, and, also, there is saving effect of fuel charges, too. Furthermore, it may be said that it is approach of killing three birds with one stone because ecodrive leads to calm driving and can expect effect of accident prevention.

○The advice of ecodrive 10

What should I do to work on ecodrive? At first, from these 10 advice.

  1. The advice of ecodrive 10
  2. Softly accelerator "e start"
  3. Driving that distance between the cars has little acceleration, slowdown for a space
  4. Let's separate accelerator at the time of slowdown early
  5. Use of air-conditioner appropriately
  6. Let's stop useless idling
  7. We keep off traffic jam, and let's leave with margin
  8. Check, maintenance to begin with air pressure of tire
  9. Let's draw down unnecessary baggage
  10. Let's stop parking to disturb run
  11. Let's grasp own fuel economy

As for the details, please see web page (the outside site) of Ministry of the Environment.

Approach in nine capital prefecture cities

(1) Ecodrive class
We carry out class that actually drives car, and learns ecodrive with the cooperation of driving school and JAF. (anyone can propose if he/she lives in nine capital prefecture cities.)

Ecodrive class

(2) Ecodrive experience society
We carry out ecodrive experience party by simulator at various events.

We will calculate fuel economy

If the mileage (we confirm by meter) before filling up with gas is identified as receipt (quantity of refueling) of service station, we can calculate fuel economy.
Calculation method this (move to page of JAF Japan Automobile Federation "fuel management system ReCoo") (the outside site)

Related site

Approach (the outside site) of ecodrive of Kanagawa
Nine capital prefecture city blue sky networks (the outside site)

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