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The mayor opinion (September 3, 1999) answer to Yokohama Shonan road environmental assessment brief

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September 3, 1999
Governor of Kanagawa Okazaki Hiroshi
The Mayor of Yokohama Hidenobu Takahide

About opinion for "Yokohama Shonan road environmental assessment brief" (answer)

About title which had request of opinion with ring No. 5 in total on June 14, 1999, we reply according to the attachment.

Charge: The Yokohama-shi environmental conservation station environment influence Credit Section
TEL: 045-671-2495, 2479


1 basic matter

(1) Part going along Yokohama city limits in high shelf is controlled urbanization zone, and there is not crowd of house, but change of roadside environment by this business is big, and, in around plan place of Yokohama Shonan road (Tayacho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi - 1, Jonan, Fujisawa-shi) (we say "this business" as follows.), this business is planned in form to contact with house and kindergarten in part. In addition, it is the general environmental atmosphere measurement station near the plan place
When we put in this, we take enough environmental conservation measures, and, as for the environmental standard of nitrogen dioxide, as for the environmental standard of suspended particulate matter density, it is demanded in one that we keep surrounding environment in good condition although we are accomplished by being in the unachieved situation.

(2) About predicted value of nitrogen dioxide of 2010, it is said that it is improved than the present situation, but because there is element which is uncertain about this value, we plan enhancement of follow-up investigation, and it is necessary to take environmental conservation measures depending on the result.

(3) Plan traffic of 2010 when we used for prediction estimates by four phases of estimates method based on national traffic situation findings in 1990. Because changes of society economic situation in these 20 years have uncertain element, we include uncertain element about plan traffic, and it is necessary to plan enhancement of follow-up investigation from this point of view.

2 individual matters

(1) Construction plan

Oh, about export point of doorway and construction outbreak soil of construction vehicle, we choose in consideration of influence such as the noise or community, and it is necessary to list in evaluation book concretely.

It is necessary to reduce total of run number of construction vehicle to reduce air pollution, the noise accompanied with run of i construction vehicle.

(2) Air pollution

Oh, we evaluate, and, about suspended particulate matter with vehicle travel in service, it is necessary to list in evaluation book prediction.
Particularly, add consideration about slight particulate matter (DEP) drained from diesel car.

i book business assumes 70% or more of the whole line tunnel structure and can evaluate as pollution-abatement measures of roadside, but, as for catching suspended particulate matter in this ventilation place, it is thought with very effective means because exhaust gas in tunnel is exhausted intensively by ventilation place. Therefore, it is necessary to plan setting of collector which particle of submicron level can catch in high efficiency about Sekiya ventilation place (tentative name) to plan more environmental conservation.

About mean elimination rate of cormorant place to ventilate, we assume about 6m/s, but we prevent down wash, and it is necessary to give elimination rate from point of view promoting the atmosphere diffusion more.

(3) Water pollution

Oh, it is said that we perform medicinal solution infusion method based on "provisional guideline about construction of construction by medicinal solution infusion method" of the Ministry of Construction, but it is necessary to prevent water pollution or soil pollution from occurring based on latest standard, knowledge in the point in time in construction.

About cleaning drainage of itonneru, it is necessary to take an appropriate step, and to exhaust after discussion with related organizations.

(4) The noise, vibration

Oh, as the neighborhood of doorway of construction area is assumed to have a big influence of the noise accompanied with runs such as construction vehicles, prediction evaluates, and it is necessary to list in evaluation book.

We find noise, vibration occurrence source and machine and separation with building that it is as much as possible to reduce the construction noise, vibration around the facility needing maintenance of calmness such as i kindergartens, and it is necessary to consider in driving time.

The noise accompanied with run of car in offering open performs prediction, evaluation by equivalent noise level cormorant, and it is necessary to list in evaluation book.

Oh, it is necessary to examine reflection sound measures of structure, and to carry out as the noise in service does not consider about reflections sound such as elevated structures.

About point where we cannot install sound insulation wall in by entrance and exit of o car, we take measures such as the low noise pavement, and it is necessary to carry out management that is appropriate so that effect does not reduce by blocking.

As we might not be able to achieve environmental conservation target in service when we consider uncertainty of mosquito traffic to plan, it is necessary to consider about additional measures after service.

As the joint part of ki high housing all things in nature might come to have a big vibration by run of car, it is necessary to perform construction that is appropriate so that step does not occur in junction.

(5) Subsidence

From earlier stage before Aton flannel construction start, we measure change of the ground and groundwater, and it is necessary to let construction management reflect measurement result.
In addition, it is necessary for investigation point to choose in consideration of the distribution situation of alluvial bed other than position of tunnel and depth.

We investigate house and workpiece after during construction and the construction completion before itonneru construction start, and it is necessary to let investigation after construction management and construction start reflect the result.
In addition, it is necessary for terms of reference to choose in consideration of the distribution situation of alluvial bed other than position of tunnel and depth.

(6) Electric wave disorder

Electric wave disorder accompanied with this business utilizes public reception facilities to establish newly effectively, and it is necessary to improve the reception situation positively.

(7) The sunshine disorder

We set environmental conservation target "not to have a remarkable influence on the residence environment" and we give that we take appropriate measures based on (notice of Undersecretary of Ministry of Construction 1976) to environmental conservation measures and evaluate "expense burden to modify the damage to occur by the shade due to setting on public facilities", but are not appropriate for evaluation.
Therefore, about house of light with elevated structure, influence on farm products, in the case of realization of business, we make figure of light by figure of true light based on detailed design at time such as figures of light according to the time and show to relations inhabitants after having clarified the influence, and it is necessary to cope appropriately while considering inhabitants intention.

(8) Water elephant

In digging under the ground, it is necessary for the drying up of neighboring wells due to water level drop of groundwater to prevent influence on life by becoming from occurring.

It is necessary to examine rainwater drainage of i road side not to give river remarkable load.

(9) Plant, animal

Oh, it is necessary to revise with evaluation book as plant that it seems that we were planted becomes native in the brief partly.

As flight of goshawk is confirmed according to i field work around plan place, we perform investigations enough again before construction start and confirm presence of nest building, and it is necessary to plan appropriate correspondence.

We minimize cormorant obi to construct, road for construction, material place, and it is necessary to reduce influence on nature as much as possible.

(10) Community

Oh, about point where existing road is divided with run route of construction vehicle and construction, service, it is necessary to list in evaluation book.

About substitute road with service of i book business, it is necessary to be decided after having performed enough discussion with local people.

(11) Scenery

Oh, we consider design of structure to reduce feeling of pressure by existence of elevated structure more and find a space in environment facility Zone including maintenance of amenity - such as water or green, and it is necessary to consider about position of bridge pier.

About design of i structure, it is necessary to add examination from point of view creating new environment let alone harmony with neighboring natural environments from stage of structure design.

(12) Disaster

Oh, it is necessary to assume construction method that we considered about security enough to prevent collapse of slope in earthwork of slope of Kosuzumecho, Totsuka-ku.

It is necessary to list in evaluation book about evacuation method when fire occurred in itonneru, extended preventive measures against fires concretely.

3 follow-up investigation

(1) We inspect plan traffic based on the latest traffic investigation at the point in time, and, on construction start, it is necessary to plan appropriate correspondence.

(2) We investigate traffic, air pollution, the noise after the service, and it is necessary to take necessary environmental conservation measures based on the result.

(3) It is necessary that measurement of change of the ground and groundwater continues for a fixed period of time before the situation of subsidence becoming stable after the service and performs.

(4) We make subsequent investigation into monitoring plan, and it is necessary to list in evaluation book.

Additional note

The atmosphere environment of Yokohama-shi is many areas in the city, and nitrogen dioxide, environmental standard of suspended particulate matter density are in the unachieved situation, and improvement of more atmosphere environment is demanded, exhaust gas from car of discharge source of these pollutants big; is caused by the fact.
As we estimate the background density of nitrogen dioxide of 2010 on the basis of "Kanagawa car discharge nitrogen oxide gross weight reduction plan" in this business, and the achievement of this plan carries important role on the achievement of environmental conservation aim, it is important that "Kanagawa car discharge nitrogen oxide gross weight reduction plan" is carried out surely.
In addition, more promotion of exhaust gas measures from diesel car becomes urgent business when composition ratio of thing with diesel car considers the still high current situation among nitrogen oxide drained from car and suspended particulate matter. Furthermore, it is thought that there is an effect in diesel car measures as environment measures of this business in particular as mixture rate of large diesel car is relatively high in expressway such as this business.
From the viewpoint of these, it is necessary that concrete measure to be shown in report (the third report) to hang over exhaust gas of diesel car of the central environmental council of December, 1998 is carried out surely.

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